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Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio   21

Barbara Waterman-Peters 

Rain, at last! Hot dry weather has been the norm most of the summer, but even our winter was drier than it should have been. Drought is worrisome, so relief from it is more than welcome.

Drought can be felt in other areas, too, such as ideas for paintings. Dry spells in creativity, or blocks, are quite common. Any creative, no matter his or her medium, has experienced these infertile periods. Nothing seems to sprout, let alone grow. Wasteland seems to extend in all directions.

But the rains do come, sometimes a few sprinkles of possibilities; other times, a deluge of ideas so full of potential they can’t be caught quickly enough and can run off.

My years of painting have seen a number of these climate cycles. Most of them have ultimately resulted in yields of interesting art. A few have produced little more than a crop of weeds. The trick is to know the difference.



Featured Artist for September: Lois VanLiew

Title of Exhibit: "Prairie Prelude"

Title of Painting: "Red at Night"

Lois VanLiew Red at Night 1


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