Drive In Movie Maniacs

Logo 1💀Drive-In movie Maniacs will begin nationwide syndication on RetroTV, ActionTV and The Family Channel this October, covering more than 60 million households. Host Terrible Tim is bringing classic horror TV back from the dead and turning the world of horror hosting on its severed head, all across the USA!

Beginning in 2013, Drive-In Movie Maniacs has blended a reality show flare with hint of nostalgia. Both dark and enlightening, it features classic horror films, original music by The Haunted Creepys, celebrity guests and nationally known recording artists each week.

Crematia Mortem, host of KSHB-41’s “Creature Feature” from 1981-1988, proclaimed in 2014 that “Drive-In Movie Maniacs now held the keys to Creepytown” as she officially passed the Kansas City horror host torch to Terrible Tim. “Terrible Tim is absolutely terrorific and creeps it real” as Kansas City’s first horror host in 25 yrs.

Drive-In Movie Maniacs has become an underground hit with a cult following among its maniacal fans. The show’s audience has grown rapidly since 2013, when it began with five stations broadcasting the weekly episodes. In 2015 Drive-In Movie Maniacs expanded into New York and other markets.

The show is also popular on Facebook as a weekly live “scream” event, where fans can interact with the show’s creators and stars to riff along with the movie and Terrible Tim’s antics.

See you on the dark side. 💀

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