Kim's Excellent Adventures!

I actually live in Topeka, I never say, there is nothing to do or I am bored. I miss out on so much stuff!

First Annual Gablocal Telethons -  Our childhood was spent raising money for the MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon! Our memories are square dancing, White Lakes Mall and carrying around the cowboy boot! This year we decided to bring back a Labor Day parade! We had a great time!   

Telethon 1  Telethon 1  Telethon 1  Telethon 1  Telethon 1  Telethon 1  Telethon 1  Telethon 1  Telethon 1 

Trending Tuesdays -  This month we visited with four different businesses! Please watch the videos and support local!




Touch a Truck -  I made it downtown for this event! It has grown since our very first one! This event was started when we started construction on Kansas Ave. It is now a very fun event for kids to get to see all the big trucks up close!


Drive In Movie Maniacs -  As you can tell, my family is very into technology and television stuff! It was very exciting to finally meet the Writer/Host plus other stuff for Drive In Movie Manics. This show is produced in Kansas City with the help of our friend at TV25! I am not a horror fan, but this show uses the old movies and add some comedy skits in between!



September Toes - I needed Fall toes! Nail World does a great job!

Fall Toes


Meetings- I have tons of them!!

Partners in Excellence, If you want to join a networking meeting, this is a fun one!! Every Wednesday, 9:30 am at Lawyers Title! I hope to see you there sometime!

PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1 PIE 1        

AWE- Our speaker was from The Topeka Capitol Journal!

ABWA- Field trip!! We went to the Zoo! It was a fun meeting!




ING Meeting - This month, we had too  much fun at this meeting. Great group of people and we networked in between laughs. We meet twice a month. If you would like to attend, let me know!!


ENGAGE Meeting - You always meeting someone knew at this meeting! We meet 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at AJ's Pizza 11:30 to 12:30.


Supper Club: Our Fourth supper club was at Kikus. Another small group but fun was had by all!

Supper Club 1  Supper Club 1  Supper Club 1

TopCon 2018 -  I have taken my daughter to these for years when she was younger! This year the Social Butterflies wanted to go check out all the fun! We had a blast! More in our other section!

TopCon TopCon TopCon TopCon TopCon  TopCon

BAM! Know why before you Buys Conference - Times are changing and our team wants to make sure everyone know about these changes! Local media is coming back and we all need to make sure we understand so we can BAM! (Brand, Advertise, Market) our businesses! For many years our "local media" was owned by big corporations now as they transform to other mediums, real local media is back in the game! The Local Media Collective is a partnership between many of these local medias! This conference was the beginning of a new way to BAM! your business!


Atlanta Vacation - I love getting away an visiting friends! I also love trying new places to eat! I don't really do much when I travel and I love it! I sleep in and just relax! I do have to work though since being internet famous is 24/7!  I stay with my friend Rob and Daman!

Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1


Social Butterflies From Kansas closing in on 1000 likes!  -Our goal is to have 1000 likes by October 1, 2018. We are about 100 away from 1000!!

Dog sitting in Topeka  - I spent a week with Daisy and Scooter! I also spent a week in their pool! I had not had enough summer and was not looking forward to Fall! This summer was so busy and my pool time was limited! After this week, I was able to accept that Fall was here!!

My uncle passed away - My uncle Jerry has been battling Parkinson's for years! His health recently was deteriorating quickly. I don't want to say he lost his battle, I would rather say he decided he was done and was ready to pass! My cousins and Aunt Terry said he passed very peacefully. I drove to Newton with my mom and daughter Friday night for the Rosary. We spent some time with my Aunt Terry. Saturday was the funeral and lunch with the family. Funerals are also sad but being around family, helps make it hurt a little less!


Talk About Topeka LIVE Returns to TPAC -  I was in Atlanta so Andrea and Robin helped out!


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