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A few years ago my friend changed the name of October to Kimtober! What does Kimtober mean? Well it means that I am very busy! It isn't anything serious, it is just a fun name! I do go to North Star for my free steak dinner and my end of October Pot Luck dinner! Not to celebrate me but to celebrate friends and family!

My baby brother turns 40 - We planned a surprise party for Chris! He was surprised, tons of people showed up and fun was had by all! I can't believe my baby brother is 40 years old!                

Supper Club: Our Fifth supper club was at Kyoto. If only one person came, it would be fun. This month Teresa, Ed, Danielle and myself supported my friends restaurant!

Lenexa Chili Cookoff - Hundreds of competitors! This is my third year and each year is awesome!

Social Butterflies From Kansas closing in on 1000 likes!  - We are getting closer! Come on and like our page!!

Gallagher at TPAC  - I had never seen Gallagher before. I mean I knew that he smashed watermelons but I had no clue how funny he was!  I also met his partner in crime for this show, Artie Fletcher. He instantly feel in love with me. Which is surprising because I am pretty awesome! LOL  New friendships are made!

Slash and Bash in Topeka - A day full of horror films! I am not a big horror fan but I am learning to not be so scared!!

Talk About Topeka LIVE Returns to TPAC -  A guest cancelled so I got to be on the show again! We talked about team work! My brother work so hard to help Topeka! Now to find others in Topeka who can see our same mission and help fund this project!! We have been contacted by other cities, so maybe it is time to take our show on the road to communities that see value in GabLocal.Tv

Halloween was fun. This year, I took my daughter to Kansas City to compete in a costume competition. She tied for first place! She made her entire costume, including her hips and butt! She was quite the attention getter!!

Other fun things I did, I went to Lenexa for my friend's birthday. I also went to Overland Park to meet a new networking group! Everyone needs to know an internet superstar! Grabbed dinner and drinks with my sister from another entire mom and dad, Jenni! Andrea had her ribbon cutting. It was the Social Butterflies first ribbon cutting event! We love to help any size business become famous!! I went to tons of networking events in Topeka! We also met about the 2019 Slash and Bash in Lawrence. This year's hotel backed out of their offer so now we have to find a new location!

I am working on a new format for The Topeka Newsletter! It will include videos, blogs and stories from people in Topeka and maybe other cities! Let's see what they have to say!  We want to make the newsletter more informative and give our local writers a place to shine!!

To locate restaurants and local businesses you can search everything Topeka. We will begin to spotlight local businesses though!! Stay tuned for more fun stuff!!

Coming soon my monthly video Diary!!

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