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2018 - Nov

ttn logoNovember, 2018: Welcome to my latest adventure!

Kim Schultz

Kimtober is officially over for 2018 and now we start the holiday season! November is going to be a busy month! Time for friends and family!!

Kim's Excellent Adventures!

A few years ago my friend changed the name of October to Kimtober! What does Kimtober mean? Well it means that I am very busy! It isn't anything serious, it is just a fun name! I do go to North Star for my free steak dinner and my end of October Pot Luck dinner! Not to celebrate me but to celebrate friends and family!

My baby brother turns 40 - We planned a surprise party for Chris! He was surprised, tons of people showed up and fun was had by all! I can't believe my baby brother is 40 years old!                

Supper Club: Our Fifth supper club was at Kyoto. If only one person came, it would be fun. This month Teresa, Ed, Danielle and myself supported my friends restaurant!

Lenexa Chili Cookoff - Hundreds of competitors! This is my third year and each year is awesome!

Social Butterflies From Kansas closing in on 1000 likes!  - We are getting closer! Come on and like our page!!

Gallagher at TPAC  - I had never seen Gallagher before. I mean I knew that he smashed watermelons but I had no clue how funny he was!  I also met his partner in crime for this show, Artie Fletcher. He instantly feel in love with me. Which is surprising because I am pretty awesome! LOL  New friendships are made!

Slash and Bash in Topeka - A day full of horror films! I am not a big horror fan but I am learning to not be so scared!!

Talk About Topeka LIVE Returns to TPAC -  A guest cancelled so I got to be on the show again! We talked about team work! My brother work so hard to help Topeka! Now to find others in Topeka who can see our same mission and help fund this project!! We have been contacted by other cities, so maybe it is time to take our show on the road to communities that see value in GabLocal.Tv

Halloween was fun. This year, I took my daughter to Kansas City to compete in a costume competition. She tied for first place! She made her entire costume, including her hips and butt! She was quite the attention getter!!

Other fun things I did, I went to Lenexa for my friend's birthday. I also went to Overland Park to meet a new networking group! Everyone needs to know an internet superstar! Grabbed dinner and drinks with my sister from another entire mom and dad, Jenni! Andrea had her ribbon cutting. It was the Social Butterflies first ribbon cutting event! We love to help any size business become famous!! I went to tons of networking events in Topeka! We also met about the 2019 Slash and Bash in Lawrence. This year's hotel backed out of their offer so now we have to find a new location!

I am working on a new format for The Topeka Newsletter! It will include videos, blogs and stories from people in Topeka and maybe other cities! Let's see what they have to say!  We want to make the newsletter more informative and give our local writers a place to shine!!

To locate restaurants and local businesses you can search everything Topeka. We will begin to spotlight local businesses though!! Stay tuned for more fun stuff!!

Coming soon my monthly video Diary!!

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The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio   23

Barbara Waterman-Peters

We have stumbled into a gorgeous autumn with its lovely colors, startlingly blue sky and chilly nights. On gray days blessed with rain the colors are even richer as though just applied to paper with a juicy wash of watercolor. Leaves are dropping and scattering in the wind, their hues fading all too soon.

The light changes in the fall. It is sharper—great for painting—as it aims itself through my window.

Autumn is my favorite time of year because it brings my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and its colors are breathtaking.  Somehow nature is closer to us when trees shower us with leaves and warn us of approaching winter. It is a time for reflection and preparation.

At the moment, I am reflecting on current projects and ideas for them surround me like leaves tossed by the wind. Their colors will disappear if I fail to rake them in quickly.

“Clay & Paint: Bradley, Peters, & BW-P”

Two ceramic artists and one painter will show works that address different ways to approach the surface of an object. Opening First Friday October 5 from 4:00-8:30 PM, the show will run through November in conjunction with the Kansas Artist Craftsman Association Conference November 16-17.

LDP Black Tan Jar 2 LDP Black Tan Jar 2 LDP Black Tan Jar 2


New to Downtown

do it downtown topeka

We want to highlight the downtown progress and dedication of downtown businesses!

Coming in 2019 we will try to highlight different businesses that are new, survived the renovation, or have been in downtown for years!









This website is a prototype for an idea that I have been working on for ten years! It is continually changing and I hope to make this the main site for anyone that wants to find something in Topeka to use.

It is being built with those who live in Topeka and the surrounding area but not limited to them.

There are 4 sections to this website.

  1. The Topeka Newsletter is the first part.  It is going through some major overhaul since most of the information can now be found in a better organized manner on the website.  This is free for any locally owned business to use to promote their business.
  2. The Community Calendar is actually the most important part of this website, right now.  Each community should be informed on what is going on. This doesn't just mean the bar scene. When I say informed, I mean fundraisers, sports, daily food and drink specials, sales, entertainment, recreation and anything else going on.  This calendar tries to include anything that the public is invited to. There is no charge to include your events.  We enter all the events so it saves business owners time. They just need to send us the information and we will take it from there.
  3. Everything Topeka is a plethora of information compiled in a map based program.  Here you can search and find different venues in different categories. You can pick one or all categories to search. This search will not find information that is not on the map though so you will need to use the website search function also. It is free to be listed with a simple profile and an affordable way to enhance your listing.
  4. Everything Else is more businesses that are not listed in the Map feature. There is a guide page that actually will lead you in the right direction.  It is free to be listed with a simple profile and an affordable way to enhance your listing.


We have 2 different search bars.  We use a program called Hot Spot and it does not integrate with the rest of the website at this time.  So you will need to use both places if you can't find what you are looking for.  Search Articles option will search everything but the maps. It even includes the calendar.



New Businesses

A Ha Moment Marketing

Andrea Ard


A Ha Moment


Tequillas - Reopened

Brookwood Shopping Center


4 Guys Bar & Grill

Brookwood Shopping Center

2833 B 29th St

Topeka, Kansas


 Soul Fire Nutrition

Brookwood Shopping Center


39 West Gallery

909 N. Kansas Ave. Topeka, KS 66608



Gourmet Treats Topeka


Essentia Salon & Spa

5900 SW Huntoon St. Ste A2

Topeka, KS 66604



Total Fit Body Boot Camp

 5626 SW 29th St

Topeka, KS 



Gun Garage & Shooting Range

2120 NE Meriden Rd, Topeka, KS 66608




Pizzeria Via Family Dining

738 SW Gage Blvd


Pizzeria Via Family Dining offers hand crafted and stone baked pizza, salads, grinders, wraps, wings and we also serve a variety of alcoholic beverages.


Hidden Hill Farms of Kansas

7320 SW Indian Hills Rd

Auburn, KS 66402

COMING in June 2018

Wedding and Event Venue


Kim and Robins Journey to Internet Stardom

SocialButterflies Logo


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We are so excited to be famous!!!

We are looking for businesses who would like to have the Social Butterflies Visit during their Trending Tuesday Lives on Facebook!

We can't wait to help make your business, internet famous!!









Keith the Critic

Keith VansickleKeith the Critic 







NIght SchoolNight School

This comedy stars Kevin Hart as Teddy Walker. In high school Teddy was the popular guy who could do everything but pass a test. So he drops out.

Years later Teddy is poised to take over control of the barbecue store where he works when the current manager retires. While celebrating with his high class girlfriend, he proposes. She accepts and Teddy is on top of the world. But an explosion occurs detroying the store and ending his job.

Teddy's best friend is a financial advisor and has a job for Teddy as long as he gets his GED. But his girlfriend cannot know. Teddy enrolls in night school where his high school nemesis is now principal. The class is taught by Carrie, who is played by Tiffany Haddish, who has a crazy way of ensuring that her class passes. The class consists of a hodgepodge of students who all have their own issues. This includes a prisoner and a dad (Rob Riggle) who is trying to set an example for his son. Night school is just as hard as high school but Carrie is persistent.

This movie has really funny scenes but the script dragged at times. Kevin Hart, Rob Riggle, Tiffany Haddish, and the rest of the cast were great they just needed more to work with. A cast like this brings great expectations but it really didn't live up to its potential. I can only give this movie 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.



The Nunthenun

This horror film takes place at a Roman Catholic monastery in Romania. When two nuns are killed and one has hung herself Father Burke (Demian Bichir) is called upon to investigate. Sister Irene, who is played by Taissa Farmiga, is a novice nun and is asked to acccompany him. Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet) who delivers supplies to the abbey had found the nun and takes Father Burke and Sister Irene to the site. They soon discover that a demonic force exists in the abbey and they must drive it out.

This movie is part of the Conjuring franchise. It was good but not great. At times the story was slow and dull and at other times pretty good. The script was not well written but the makeup, the costumes, the special effects, and the set were outstanding. The script just needed more development. They could have delved deeper into the why and how things occurred.

The Conjuring movies are absolutely better than the Nun. But I still gave it 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.


The PreditorThe Predator

This movie is the 6th of its kind. Army sniper, Quinn McKenna, played by Boyd Holbrook, is on a mission when the Predator ship crashes down. He is able to subdue the Predator and recovers armor and a small ball that can make him invisible. He mails the armor home where his autistic son, Rory, played by Jacob Tremblay, finds the package unbeknownst to his mother.

Will Traeger (Sterling K. Brown) leads the investigation into the Predators and has McKenna arrested. Dr. Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) is brought in to assist in studying the captured alien. While observing, the Predator awakens killing everyone in site but sparing Casey. With the help of McKenna and a band of army misfits, Casey escapes.

Rory decides to wear the armor trick or treating and activates something that allows the other Predators to track him. McKenna and his new crew must stop the Predators and save his son.

I loved the first Predator movie that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. This one was enjoyable too. They changed it up a bit having the Predator go into the neighborhoods. The entire cast including Olivia Munn were all really good. The costumes were absolutely outstanding. There were even Predator dogs that added a new twist. There were a few disappointments and at time the story lagged. The sound is really good in the theater but other than that, you can wait for the blue ray or see it in the cheap theater. I gave it 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.




Jennifer Garner stars in this thriller in which she plays the part of Riley North. Riley witnesses her husband and daughter gunned down while at an amusement park. The North family were struggling financially. They own an auto shop that is about to be foreclosed on and Riley works at a bank. Riley's husband, Chris, is asked to help steal from Diego Garcia who is a drug lord. Chris considers but turns them down. However, Diego has already learned of the plan. As the North's celebrate their daughter's 10th birthday eating peppermint ice cream, Diego's thugs kill Chris and daughter, Carly, and badly injure Riley.

Once Riley recovers, she positively identifies the shooters. However, the judge has been paid off and declares that there is insufficient evidence. If Riley wants justice, she must take it herself.

Peppermint is such a good movie. It reminds me of Charles Bronson in Death Wish. You find yourself really rooting for Riley. The script was good and all the actors were great, but Jennifer Garner was fantastic. Everything she does is top notch. The action is phenominal but very violent. You should not take young kids as it truly should be "R" rated due to the violence. I gave this movie 3 out of 4 stars. Go see this one!




Talk About Topeka LIVE


Some of October shows!






More shows can be watched on



Topeka Feud





Highlight Your Business

Highlight Your business


This section will be for businesses who would like to highlight their business. If you would like to highlight your business, please contact Andrea Ard, with A Ha Moment Marketing!







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