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Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio   17

Barbara Waterman-Peters

May is upon us. Spring has struggled to oust winter this year, but hardy flowers and trees have survived. People survive as well, grumbling as they pull on coats yet again. But those very coats indicate our resourcefulness, our will to brave the elements and move on.

In my studio I have five new canvases underway. They represent two series, the “Ship of Fools” and the new “Theater of the Absurd.”

Artists address the human condition whether it is an expression of our environment through landscape or flowers, or how we see ourselves through portraits and figurative works. Sometimes those figurative works contain narratives or cautionary tales about how to “move on” or cope with situations. Other times they simply call attention to current events, humorously or dramatically. The latter is my focus, using both humor and drama.

Like spring, my new work struggles to oust the winter, by calling attention to important issues so we can move on.



STUDIO 831 Publicity:

Our Featured Artist for May is Gweneth McClain.

Show Title: Sunlight and Shadows

“These paintings are my attempt to express the constant dance of light and shadow in nature.”  

  McClain Ptg.jpg



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