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The Illusionists - It is not very often that a Broadway show makes it way to Topeka!! When it does, I plan a group and make sure I have the best seats in the house! Twenty two friends and I made our way to TPAC after my family and some friends ate dinner at HHB BBQ. It was a great night! Anyone that says you need to leave Topeka to have fun isn't taking the time to enjoy what we have to offer!! 

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Meetings- I am back to the meeting curcuit! It is important to get out and network! I have met some awesome people!

Topeka Generosity Network - I was able to meet even more people that are dedicated to their business! They meet every Wednesday at 11:30, I am not sure where their new meeting place is though. I won't be able to go back until after tax season is over!!   


Topeka Growth Partners, they meet on Tuesday mornings at 9 am at 515 S Kansas Ave. There is not annual fee to join and it is a fun bunch of professionals. Another couple packed meetings. I love watching the attendance grow and meet new people. I really believe if you haven't joined any of these groups, you should! You can gain a lot from them! Not just new friends but knowledge, business contacts and support!

Topeka GrowthTopeka GrowthTopeka Growth  

ABWA KEEN - This month we met on Valentine's Day. Our speaker was Patti Bossert from Key Staffing and Premier Eomployment Solutions! 


AWE- This month we had three member spot lights. This is the time to talk about who you are so the group can get to know you better! 


ING Meeting - We meet every other Wednesday at various places in Topeka! This meeting is also growing in attendance. If you want to attend let me know, after tax season!


ENGAGE Meeting - We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursdays at AJ Pizza! I was only able to attend one of these meetings due to tax season! I miss the crew but work out weighs networking! 


Wichita Trip: I love hanging out with my Wichita family and friends! I hate that life gets so busy and I don't have more time to be there! This year, I will change that! When I arrived I visited a new coffee/game shop to meet with the owner of, a website with the same idea as mine! I want to meet the people behind these projects. The difference is Wichita businesses finacially support this concept. Friday, Chad and I went out to eat a locally owned restaurant where the owner came to our table and we ended up with homemade chocolate cake! Then double feature movie night. Pitch Perfect, very large mixed drink at the next theatre and then The Greatest Showman! What a fun time! My meal was delicious and I would recommend them to anyone! If you do go, tell the owner, Kim from Topeka sent you! Saturday, Chad had to work so I kept busy by visiting my aunt and uncle in Newton and hanging out with my friends Greg and Marisa who also live in Newtown. We drove to Wichita for the home show. Then my cousin Chad and Tristan took me to a locally owned Italian restaurant in Newton. Another great place and if you ever find yourself in Newton, tell Rosie, I said hi!!  

Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1   

LMC Launch Party - This has only just begun. There is a lot of work to still do!  Over 30 people attended. The energy was great and it was so nice to have people thank you for wanting to help them and show them how collectively we will all work together to make Topeka even better!  Now to find more sales people! At the party we announced that, TV25, Wren Digital, Metro Voice, Topeka Health & Wellness, Everything Topeka, The Topeka Newsletter, Gablocal, and Talk About Topeka will be working together to help any business in Topeka advertise! 


Top Tank Reveal - I was so excited when my friend Teresa asked me to help with the coat check! I rarely get to go to these events because they aren't in my budget, YET!  I didn't really follow the process because our family had submitted a nomination and didn't make it to the first round. I wasn't shocked because I knew, they were looking for a business to use one of their buildings to add another business to downtown. Before we started the coat check gig, we were talking about who would win. I only knew one person personally that made the final cut! She was so excited and had a great business concept, well she still does! Her cakes are beautiful and I know one day she will get a store front. However, downtown Topeka is supposed to be the entertainment distict of Topeka! You start with building entertainment like, bars, restaurants, and activities. So when asked, I knew they would pick the beer. It just made sense to me. I wanted the cheesecake because we have NO cheesecake in Topeka but I knew that wouldn't survive alone! I wasn't shocked when The Brew Bank won the $100,000. I was excited that they wanted to give the cheesecake a chance with a $50,000 grant.  The crowd was a collection of all different types of people! It is exciting to see our community working together to help grow small businesses! This won't be easy for either one of them! In order for Downtown to work, people need to get over their negative feelings and want to help make it work!

 Top Tank 1Top Tank 1Top Tank 1Top Tank 1

Josie's Bakery - My goal this year is to visit 20 restaurants that I have not eaten at! I don't eat out much in Topeka because I like to cook but I am determined to accomplish this goal. My second place this year on my list. Why have I waited so long! The owners are great and nice. The store is very relaxing and cool. I tried a Monte Cristo! I will be back!!

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Shawnee County Fair Committee - Meeting number two: The task of trying to rebrand the 4-H fair to the Shawnee County fair is a big job! This year, they are bringing in some fun family stuff and a concert. The fair is free to attend! You will want to attend this year's fair with your family!!  July 26 - 29


Talk About Topeka- We have been taking a hiatus to put together a newer version! May 1, 2018 you will see what we have been working on. Talk About Topeka isn't gone, it just going to get to the next level! I had heard about this company but it wasn't until I met with Jeff Lees that I figured out, I need this in my life! If I plan on getting paid to help people promote their businesses, I also need a way to thank them for choosing me. This is the perfect way.  Junk mail has moved to our junk email account. Who doesn't like getting a personalized greeting card and/or gift in the mail! You can click here and try the website or phone out. Just set up an account and send two cards on me!  I want you give it a try and see how your friends, co worker, client or even family reach to getting a card. If you are interested and need help, let me know and I will have Jeff contact you to set up a meeting or answer your questions! Jeff and i are working together on this project! My mom loved her card!!

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