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Dallas Trip - This trip was a new one. I mean, not to a new place but I added this trip so I could help my friend James decorate his new house for Christmas! He goes a little over the top! Like 17 trees, animated stuff, house lights and more! Chelsea actually went with me this trip! We had a great time. I was also excited about getting to see my new friend and owner of Val's Cheesecake again! He is just an awesome guy! He also makes amazing Cheesecake! I gained weight on this visit! 

Dallas 1  Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1  Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1 Dallas 1Dallas 1

Meetings- Due to the holidays, many meetings didn't happen but resumed in January!

Topeka Growth- I started attending Topeka Growth, they meet on Tuesday mornings at 9 am at 515 S Kansas Ave. There is not annual fee to join and it is a fun bunch of professionals. 

ABWA KEEN - I was announced as a new member! We also had a fashion show by Findables!  This meeting is at the Capitol Plaze on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 11:30 to 1pm. This is a women's group. There is an annual fee but it is well worth the fee! There is also a fee for lunch. They always look really good but I drink my shakes!


ING Meeting - It was just way too cold for me to get out for this meeting! 

Christmas: My family and my aunt Marlyn and cousin Willie joined us this year! Frank made Lasagna and we opened presents!

Family 1 Family 1 Family 1 Family 1 Family 1

Sunflower Paving Christmas Party - It is fun going back to see all my friends who still work at Sunflower! I had a great time when I worked there!! 

Sunflower 1 Sunflower 1

Girls Candy Day - What a fun time making candy and cookies! I purchased all the ingredients and we met at Teri's house to spend the day baking!! We made some really yummy desserts! We also had some laughs

Candy 1 Candy 1 Candy 1 Candy 1Candy 1 Candy 1 Candy 1        

It's A Wonderful Life - My friend Keith the Critic hosted a movie night at The Jayhawk Theatre. Over 200 people attended and helped raise money for The Jayhawk and The Topeka Rescue Mission.  This was actually the first time I have ever watched the entire movie from start to finish! The Jayhawk is a true gem and I hope they can find more funding to bring it back to full life!

Wonderful Life 1 Wonderful Life 1

Sip and Shop in KC -
Toni's friend Penny Glass invited us over to her house for a sip and shop event. Different booths and wine were the highlight! I don't drink wine but I did enjoy some delicious food! I am not much of a shopper but I do like meeting new people and just hanging out!

Sip 1 Sip 1 Sip 1 Sip 1 Sip 1 Sip 1 Sip 1 Sip 1

Hanger Party - I was so excited about getting the invite to the hanger party this year.  It is always the best part of the year! Robin and I once again had a great time! We might not fly in private jets but we are quite entertaining! The food was great, the drinks were plenty and fun was had!! 

Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1 Hanger 1


Girls Christmas Party - It was our 2nd annual girls Christmas party. This year we did a bbq theme and Susan hosted the party at her house! We picked names but this year we had to pick a color and our gift had to incorporate that color. I picked Susan and she picked plaid. I know, plaid is a pattern but I think I did a good job. I had my daughter sewed her an apron! It was fun! 

Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1  Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1 Girl Party 1  Girl Party 1   


Teresa's Party- I was happy to be invited to Teresa's first gathering at her new house!! It is always fun meeting new people!! 

Teresa 1  

New project - I can't go into details but big things are happening! BAM!! More to come!!  I can also add the letters L M C.  Looking for people who would like to sell advertising. If you own a business or just thinking about owning a business, mark May 1, 2018 on your calendar! You won't want to miss this event!!

Coming Soon                      


Kolton- I finally got to spend some time with Kolton. We went with Robin and the family to see the Cortez light show and Winter Wonderland at Shawnee Lake! Both were awesome but I loved the Cortez light show! We ate pizza, drank hot chocolate and watched A Year Without A Santa Clause. My time with Kolton is always special!


Let's Help Company Party - Being a non profit we do not have a line item for staff parties. This year a very nice donor treated us to a fun night on the town!  We started at Hazel Hill, then off to Topeka Civic Theatre to meet Santa, next Applemart to buy lottery tickets and dinner was a Kikus. All of these stops done in a limo!

Staff 1 Staff 1 Staff 1 Staff 1 Staff 1 Staff 1

DTI After Hours - I have not been to one of these in years! So many people that I haven't seen in a long time! I had to leave before they turned on the new arch lights! The space is owned by Clayton Financial and available for rent downtown!


Frankie's Graduation Party - I believe this should be her final graduation party since she just achieved her Doctorate in Education! I am so proud of her! She has worked really hard to get this far. It wasn't easy!

Frankie Grad 2 Frankie Grad 2


Dancing with JJ - Frankie had planned to go out after her graduation party but she was exhausted so JJ and took to the dance floor!! We both love to dance!  We spent the night at Fuel in Overland Park!

JJ 1 JJ 1 JJ 1



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