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New Years Day - I stayed home New Years Eve so I would be ready for New Years Day. My first stop was at Teri and Jeff Engroffs family & Friends breakfast!  The food was awesome and there were tons of people! For the 2nd year in a row I joined a group of friend at Kikus for lunch!  I didn't do much for New Years this year! Maybe next year I will have more exciting plans!! So much food but so much fun!!

Engroff 1 Engroff 1 Engroff 1 Engroff 1 Engroff 1 Engroff 1


Meetings- I am back to the meeting curcuit! It is important to get out and network! I have met some awesome people!

Topeka Generosity Network - This is sort of a new group. They were once attached to a bigger organization and decided to branch out on their own! Chen and April are very dedicated to helping business owner with networking and referrals! They meet every Wednesday at 11:30, current meeting place is The Palette Restaurant.   

Topeka Growth Partners, they meet on Tuesday mornings at 9 am at 515 S Kansas Ave. There is not annual fee to join and it is a fun bunch of professionals. 

Growth 1  Growth 1

ABWA KEEN - My 2nd meeting as a member and really enjoy this group of gals! 


AWE- New year means a new leadership committee. New ideas and formats. This is a fun group of women who are very smart and always ready to work towards making their business better!!


ING Meeting - We meet every other Wednesday at various places in Topeka! 


ENGAGE Meeting - We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursdays at AJ Pizza! This month, the group was so much larger! It is nice when the group is bigger because you get to hear from more people! I like meeting new people!!

Engage 1 Engage 1

First Friday Comedy: I always like to support my website sponsors and TopCity Comedy is one of them! This show was almost sold out! The comedians were hilarious!! If you haven't been, you need to go! They will start doing comedy first and third Friday starting March! 

Comedy 1 Comedy 1 Comedy 1 Comedy 1

Chiefs playoff game - The Chiefs might have not won but the we still had a lot of fun! Toni invited us to her brand new house in KC for a girls watch party! Susan, Dawn and I all drove down to hang out! My other KC friends were there and we all had a fun time. The food was also pretty yummy!

Chiefs 1 Chiefs 1 Chiefs 1 Chiefs 1 Chiefs 1

The Annual Meeting - My friend Alyce Bishop invited me to sit at the Cox Communication table for this event. I had wanted to go but had just not purchased a ticket so this worked out well. Alyce ended up having to miss the meeting but I took my brother Chris. We had awesome seats! They had 3 stages and multiple speakers who talked about a variety of things. Momentum 2022 was a big topic. In my eyes it is the 2nd level to Heartland Visioning. Sort of like a reboot. The energy level was awesome but a few things that were said sort of made me mad! I don't like hearing that there is not enough things to do in Topeka and you can't find the things that there are to do. I also don't like people getting upset when people who live here venture to other near by cities. Lawrence and KC offer things Topeka doesn't have. Topeka has things they don't have. We want them to visit so we should all work with each other and love where we live but not restrict our activities to just one city. I did give the young lady who wasn't aware of my website my business card. Who knows if she will actually check it out!  

Annual Meeting 1 Annual Meeting 1 Annual Meeting 1 Annual Meeting 1


Le Petite Bon Bon - My goal this year is to visit 20 restaurants that I have not eaten at! I don't eat out much in Topeka because I like to cook but I am determined to accomplish this goal. My first place was a bakery called Le Petite Bon Bon! I had heard about it but had never been. I kicked myself once I got there because there food was pretty good and I loved the hot chocolate!  I ate soup, quiche and hot chocolate. I had a meeting there with my friend Ale and her husband! Perefect place to meet!! The staff was very attentive and nice!

Le Petite 1 Le Petite 1 Le Petite 1


Shawnee County Fair Committee - I was invited to attend this meeting to see if I could help promote their event!! I am pretty sure we can!!  Mark your calendars July 26 to July 29th! There will be a free concert and much more!!


Cirque du Soleil- What do you do when your brother calls you and says he has two extra tickets, you call your daughter and go! What an amazing show! I liked it so much, I bought tickets to take Kolton! It was just as good the 2nd time! Kolton was a little nervous during parts of the show! I was right there with him!!

Cirque 1 Cirque 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1             


Brunch - More and more places are serving weekend brunch. Before grocery shopping, Chelsea and I stopped at Quintons to give their brunch a try! It was really good!  Every Sat & Sun until 2 pm! 

Brunch 1 Brunch 1             I had heard about this company but it wasn't until I met with Jeff Lees that I figured out, I need this in my life! If I plan on getting paid to help people promote their businesses, I also need a way to thank them for choosing me. This is the perfect way.  Junk mail has moved to our junk email account. Who doesn't like getting a personalized greeting card and/or gift in the mail! You can click here and try the website or phone out. Just set up an account and send two cards on me!  I want you give it a try and see how your friends, co worker, client or even family reach to getting a card. If you are interested and need help, let me know and I will have Jeff contact you to set up a meeting or answer your questions! Jeff and i are working together on this project! My mom loved her card!!

Click HERE to send two free personalized greeting cards!!


Website Professional meetings- I am meeting with tons of young professionals who are very up to date on all the new social media and website trick and rules! I know, I don't have time to read and watch all the videos but I can make sure I am surrounded by those who do! I want to help as many businesses as I can and I need these nerds! PS I am too a nerd but not to this social media extreme! It is fasinating learning all these very cool ways to deal with the internet!





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