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2nd Congressional District


Steve Watkins Officially Announces Candidacy for Kansas' 2nd Congressional District Seat Wants to Bring Conservative Kansas Values & Army Leadership to Politicians in Washington

Topeka, KS- Today, Steve Watkins is officially announcing his candidacy for Kansas' 2nd Congressional District seat.

“New people and ideas are needed to restore respectability and integrity to public service, as well as solve the complex domestic and international problems of tomorrow,” said Steve Watkins.


A sixth generation Kansan, Steve Watkins learned his values from his parents. His father, an Air Force veteran and well-respected doctor, and mother, a retired public school teacher, instilled values of hard work, service to country, and integrity at a young age. Steve Watkins served his country heroically in war out of a sense of duty. He fought fraud, waste, and abuse as a defense department contractor and would fight for Kansans in Congress. Steve believes in smaller government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and ending illegal immigration. A patriotic leader with strong family ties and faith, Steve believes peace comes from military strength and a secure border.

Steve studied engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point and has master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard.

“Great leaders fight. I’ve spent my career fighting for America, but great leaders also bring people together. That’s what I did in Iraq and Afghanistan—and I will do it in Washington,” said Steve Watkins.

Steve Watkins is not a politician or lawyer. Steve is an entrepreneur, conservative problem-solver, leader, family-man, and patriot.

Steve Watkins added: “My campaign slogan is 'Kansans Can Do Anything.' A unifying message that also pushes back against the so-called 'New England liberal elites' who see Kansas as nothing more than a ‘flyover-state.’ I’m proud to be a Kansan and I hope to make everyone proud as their Congressman — I won’t let you down.”


Kansas Secretary of State

Craig McCullah



Craig McCullah was born and raised in Topeka KS and has dedicated his career to public service. His experience in state government began with the Kansas Legislative Research Department before becoming the Director of Public Affairs and Human Resources for the Office of Kansas Secretary of State. In 2016 Craig was promoted to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and led the agency’s Administrative Division.

His accomplishments at the agency include eliminating pagination costs of the Kansas Register and the Kansas Administrative Regulations publications, saving the agency $40,000 annually. He also led the procurement and management of a new web-based Uniform Commercial Code filing application that eliminates e-check transaction fees, reducing agency expenditures approximately $250,000 per year.  Click Here for More



Shawnee County Commissioner District 1


Carol Marple


Hi, I'm Carol Marple.  I've been a Shawnee County resident for over 60 years, and I'm running as a Republican for the office of Shawnee County Commissioner for District 1.

Over many years, I've had countless opportunities to meet people from all over the community.  The top 3 concerns I constantly hear about are the conditions of our roads, the conditions of our parks and recreational facilities, and how there is a lack of transparency in our county government.  Let me be clear, like you, I am absolutely concerned about the state of affairs in our county.  I completely understand your needs to have safe roads to travel on, great parks and recreational facilities to spend time with friends and family, and transparency in government so that you can have a voice in what matters to you the most.  I truly believe that being a County Commissioner is a full-time job, with a great many responsibilities to the People of Shawnee County.  Click Here for More




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