Kim's Excellent Adventures

I actually live in Topeka, I never say, there is nothing to do or I am bored. I miss out on so much stuff!


Robin & Kim go on our first out of state Adventure -  We got in the car and headed to Colorado. We needed a work session where we could not be disturbed. This means we came back with a lot of stuff to do! We also had a lot of fun! We stopped in Lucas, KS to visit the Garden of Eden. We spent the night in Goodland, KS. Enjoyed a trip to Walmart, Sonic and the Hot Tub! We had no plans and fun was to be had. We stayed with Robin's Sister and Brother Inlaw for two nights and then Randy for two nights! We didn't do a lot but we did enough! We slept a lot and just hung with friends! We did make it to the pool one day! Drove through the mountains and found a really cool little city for lunch! Our friend Randy works nights so we needed to give him time to sleep on his days off! On the way home we planned our future! Now to make those plans reality!

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Fourth of July -  Collin Park Parade and Kolton's birthday. Then I went to Lenexa for a pool party and dinner!

Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1 Kolton 1  4th 2 4th 2       




Royals Game with the Blocks -  Tom and I went to the Royals game with Steve and Robin. We lost the game but had a great time. While we were there were did a video with Steve following the release of his Copcar Lip Sync video that went Viral. Not to brag but we also go over 12,000 on our video! Not millions but it was still awesome! 

Royals 1    

July Toes -  Summer is Pedicure season! Nail World does a great job!





Meetings- I have tons of them!!


Partners in Excellence, If you want to join a networking meeting, this is a fun one!! Every Wednesday, 9:30 am at Lawyers Title! I hope to see you there sometime!



AWE- Shannon Engler spoke about your elevator speech! It was a very good presenation. 

AWE 1  AWE 1


ING Meeting - Due to vacation and other meetings, I didn't make it to ING this month. Wednesday is just way too busy with networking.


ENGAGE Meeting - My friend Chris talked about different types of insurance you might need for your business! I like the meetings when we have speakers!!

Engaged 1 Engaged 1 Engaged 1


Supper Club: Our second supper club was at Pizzeria Via and it was a nice crowd! The pizza is amazing and the owner, Joe Bullock is a very awesome guys. I hope you find the time to give their pizza a try!

Supper Club 1 Supper Club 1 Supper Club 1 


Slash N Bash Film Festival -  This year the big event is in Lawrence at Liberty Hall and will include famous actors, directors and others!! You don't want to miss this weekend of films! Aug 17 and 18th!  Setting up our interviews with the stars and directors that will be coming to Topeka!


Social Butterflies star in Weekly Wednesday Live - Remember when I said we planned out our entire year, Well this is just one thing we will be doing weekly. Businesses can pay a very small fee for use to visit their business around 11 am on Wednesday! If you are intertested in being a weekly sponsor, give Andrea Ard at A HA Momement Marketing. She can get you on the schedule!




Mexican Fiesta - It wouldn't be July without the Fiesta Mexicana! The Social Butterflies went to grab some yummy dinner and see who we could find! 




Tourism Alliance - We need to get the attractions back and start a conversation!


Instagram - There are so many different platforms on social media. The next one I am starting to learn is Instagram. The Topeka Social Media Club hosted a guest speaker at 712 Innovations. Bita did an awesome job. I have so much more to learn!!

Instagram 2 Instagram 2 Instagram 2 



Podcast- My friend Joey tried to do a podcast with me but it didn't turn out so we will have to do it again! The Social Butterflies will start their very own podcast in September! We have a lot to say and tons of various topics to talk about! 


Social Butterflies From Kansas closing in on 1000 likes!  -Our goal is to have 1000 likes by Sept 1, 2018.  That would be 4 months! Now to see if our fans can help us make this goal!  We have a really cool 1000 like vidoe our graphic team made for us!! 



My 6 month dental appointment -I am weird, I like going to the dentist. I have a great one!! After my appointment, no cavities, I did a Facebook live with  my dentist and one of the other dentists. Dr. Marengo took us back behind the scenes and showed us all their technology!





Hairball  - They are always a really fun time! They will be at TPAC on Nov 16th, get your tickets now!! They are a big hair band that dress like many different bands!

Hairball 1 Hairball 1 Hairball 1 Hairball 1Hairball 1 Hairball 1   


BAM! Know why Before You Buy Conference - September 6th at TPAC. Branding Advertising & Marketing for any size business!


Talk About Topeka LIVE Returns to TPAC - New location, New format but still the same annoying host. HAHA!!  This has to be one of my brother's best ideas ever! Frank is really the one who needs a pat on the back with all the technology he has brought to this amazing show!! 

TAT Live 2 TAT Live 2 TAT Live 2 TAT Live 2    


You know they will be successful when they bring on the Social Butterflies From Kansas on one of their first shows!! DUH!!



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