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Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio    16

Barbara Waterman-Peters

Watching the slow transition to spring, I note changes in NOTO. Next door to me, a fresh coat of exterior paint covers the cheerful flowers of the previous business; it will be, as it always is, interesting to see what the newcomers plan.  In some ways, though, losing the flowery storefront is sad because it attracted lots of young women for photo ops, obviously having fun with the creative opportunity. But change is inevitable and somehow NOTO absorbs the turnover and welcomes the infusion of new energy. NOTO redraws itself frequently, composes different images with new elements, like a series of paintings which are related but not the same.

I look forward to yet another season in my studio, the seventh spring I’ve been here, and marvel at the liveliness in NOTO and in Topeka.



STUDIO 831 Publicity:

Our Featured Artist for April is Gweneth McClain.

Show Title: Sunlight and Shadows

“These paintings are my attempt to express the constant dance of light and shadow in nature.”  

 McClain April 2018      



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