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Lake of the Ozarks - A girls weekend ended up a weekend with my friend Teri at their Lake house! We haven't gotten to spend a long weekend alone in years! It was so awesome to get to spend so much time with a life long friend. We didn't do much, we hung out at the house, went shopping and swam in the pool! It was just some good girl time!

Lake of the Ozarks 1 Lake of the Ozarks 1 Lake of the Ozarks 1

Fast Times at Ridgemont High- My dad was one of the first people to purchase a VCR so my house was a popular spot to hang out in high school. We would spend weekend after weekend watching three movies, Valley Girl, Warriors and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. So when I found out that Hollywood Theatre was showing the original version of, Fast Times! This had to be a girls night out. We bought the tickets and made the plans. We met at Red Robin for drinks and dinner and then headed to the theatre for the movie! I honestly don't remember the movie being so long! There was a small crowd! It was a good time!

Fast Times 1 Fast Times 1 

My trip to Wisconsin - Well, my friend Tom lives in Kansas City but was born and raised in Boomer, WI. He had mentioned that he had to drive home for another wedding. He had 2 last year. I offered my company for the drive this time. I had never been to Wisconsin and figured why not visit a new place. We left at 5 am on a Friday, Tom's birthday. He drives this route all the time but had not taken the time to do any sightseeing. Since I was tagging along, we planned to a couple stops. Our first stop was the Buddy Holly crash sight. I had no clue this existed. It is a shrine in the middle of a field. It was actually pretty cool and sad at the same time. Our next stop was in Austin Minnesota at the Spam museum. Yes, there is a Spam museum. The museum was very cool. A lot of information and displays. We even had a couple samples. The entire company seems to be very well managed. They make 13 different types of Spam and own tons of different companies including, Skippy, Chi's Chi's, Dinty Moore, Hormel, and many more! Once we arrived in Bloomer, we unpacked our stuff at Tom's brother's house, Roger, and then headed to his sister and brother in-laws locally owned restaurant. We had a delicious meal and then hung out with his family for awhile.

Buddy Holly 1 Buddy Holly 1 Buddy Holly 1 Buddy Holly 1Buddy Holly 1 Buddy Holly 1 Buddy Holly 1 Buddy Holly 1 

Saturday - The day of the wedding but first, we grabbed a quick breakfast and then went to visit Tom's mom. This was not your typical wedding. Tom's cousin had fallen in love with another woman. It was my first Lesbian wedding and it was amazing. They both looked very pretty. After the wedding we took Tom's mom to Red Robin for dinner,  and then Tom and I went to get ice cream at a locally owned place. We arrived at the reception just as they were finishing the buffet line. It was fun chatting with Tom's family! They were all very nice! Tom's brother in law made all the mini pies instead of a cake.

Wedding 1 Wedding 1 Wedding 1 Wedding 1Wedding 1 Wedding 1 Wedding 1 Ice Cream

Sunday - A full day with Tom's family. We went to his sister's house for lunch and then sat around the fire pit. We actually had on jeans and a jacket. Then we headed to the largest grocery store, I have ever seen. This store had almost every brand you could imagine. Just watch the video below on the cheese section!!


Woodmens   Woodmens

Monday - Time to head home. First, we make a trip to the Mall of America. I have never been before and it was overwhelming. Four stories of shopping and an amusement park. I did not do any shopping, I just walked all the levels. We did make it back to Kansas city safe! I can't wait to go back!

Mall of America Mall of America  



Dinner with Georginna: We have not had the chance to hang out for a long time. Before dinner we went to supervise Youth Court for Topeka Youth Project. Then we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Our next trip will be to play BINGO at Prairie Band casino. I can't wait!


Dinner with Shelley: I am self employed and this means that I don't really have benefits. No paid vacation, no holiday pay or even sick leave. I do however get to work for some great small business owners. Shelley Jensen is a very talented photographer but this night, we just went to grab a burger/salad! The Burger stand for an extra charge will put your burger on top of one of their delicious salads. How smart is that! It was nice hanging out and getting to know each other on a personal level more!

 Dinner with Shelley

Dog sitting AKA pool sitting- How much fun can it be to get to dog sit for my friends who have a pool. This time, I had a week for fun in the sun! Well, I did have to work a little bit. One day, I invited some of  my girlfriends over for a swim party! We had a fun time. I told them to bring drinks and snacks. When we were younger, that would have included beer and chips. Now that we are 50 and fabulous it included, water, iced tea, and healthy snacks. This summer was amazing! I have the best friends!

Girls at the pool

Hairball at Crossroads in Kansas City- Frankie started planning this night after her birthday in April. If you have not had the chance to see this band, you really need to. They impersonate hair bands. Kiss, Guns and Roses, Def Leopard, Queen, Steve Perry, and Ozzy to name a few! Before the show we grabbed dinner at Grinders.

Hairball 1 Hairball 1 Hairball 1 Hairball 1Hairball 1


BID Meeting - One of the only boards I am still on is the Business Improvement District (BID) for downtown Topeka. Most people don't realize that there isn't much money in the genral budget for downtown. Most of the money comes from private dollars or the BID tax. This tax is paid by the downtown business district businesses. Recently we voted to change the rating system. We now have a tier system. For the majority of the small businesses, this tax is not very much. It is paid annually. It helps provide marketing, help with events, banners, Christmas decorations, benches, snow removal, clean up, and many other much needed things in downtown. I am proud to serve on this committee because I am proud in the direction our downtown is going!

Day in Lenexa - I love introducing people to new places in their own city. Tom had never had Taco Casa or Everything Bundt Cake. - 

Bundt Cake     Taco Casa

Ethnic Enrichment Festival - This was my first time attending this festival in Kansas City. Booths from all over the World were set up with food and drinks. They also had non stop live performances in the pavillion.

 Ethnic Festival 1 Ethnic Festival 1 Ethnic Festival 1 Ethnic Festival 1                  

Total Eclipse- Well the excitement was there and so were the clouds. My friend Jamie invited us to her office to watch the eclipse. It was still fun and we did get to use the glasses a few times when the clouds broke apart. 

 Eclipse 1   Eclipse 1   Eclipse 1   Eclipse 1

Brown V Board - I have been to this museum once before and my friend Tom wanted to see what it was about. We spent over 3 hours reading and learning about a time in our lives where segregation was allowed. If you have not visited this museum, you should. It is free and very informative. Sometimes you need a flash of the past to make you appreciate the now. After the museum we made a quick stop at the Capitol. I just wanted Tom to see how cool the Capitol is and we now plan a return trip to walk to the top.


Brown V Board   Capitol 1   Capitol 1


 Kolton Time - I miss this little guy and wish we had more time to hang out. His dad invited me over for dinner and he made steak qusadillas! They were very tasty! 

Jason Dinner 1   Jason Dinner 1

  Royals Game - Another fun day at the K. It was my first Sunday game. The weather was great! 

Royals 1


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