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Robin Bonsall


Robin M. Bonsall
Coldwell Banker Griffith & Blair
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For healthier, younger looking skin, consider getting a water softener.

The other day while washing my hands at a friend’s house, I noticed something and commented.
“You have soft water.” I said.
My friend quickly exclaimed, “I do! How can you tell?”
I chuckled and replied, “my hands feel all slippery!”

I am immediately transported back to my childhood to memories of overnight stays at Grandma and Grandpa Regular’s house. I remember they had soft water. Every time I took a bath at gramma & grampa’s, I never felt like soap was ever washed off because I always felt “slippery.” At my home, I always felt squeaky clean after a bath or a simple hand washing.

My friend coaxes me back to reality, regaling that soft water is better for our skin. “It keeps your skin looking young and healthy,” my friend promises with a beaming smile. Her skin does have a certain glow… She must be right.

In real estate, we occasionally tour houses with water softeners and/or filtration systems. These are definitely quality bonuses and are always a lovely surprise to see in listings. When a home includes a softener, a fun part of my job is enlightening unsuspecting buyers on the perks of soft water.
1.) water pipes stay generally “build up” free.
2.) less soap scum build up in shower heads and on shower doors & windows.
3.) Laundry is cleaner, whites are brighter, and clothing doesn’t wear out as fast when washed in soft water.
These are but a few perks. It makes sense that healthier feeling skin be on the list of perks too. And all because the softener system removes minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium from our treated water. Built up of these minerals results in wear and tear on appliances, clothing, shower heads, etc.
A quality water softening system can cost anywhere $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the size of the system and needs of the household. When you consider the amount of savings you get because soft water is better for your skin, your clothes, your appliances, water pipes and overall health of you and your house…it seems that adding or upgrading a water softener may be a no brainer.
Want more info? Here’s a great article that encompasses lots of details about hard vs soft water.

If you plan to be in your home for a long time, I highly recommend you look into water softening systems. Aside from the initial cost, the negatives are limited and the benefits, countless.

Assisting You with Peace of Home,

Robin M. Bonsall
Mommy/REALTOR®/Actress with
Coldwell Banker Griffith & Blair
Text: (785) 87-6649
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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