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Tricia Peterson


Tricia Peterson

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Sept 1


A new hibachi and sushi restaurant called Mizu, just opened up across from Cracker Barrel this week. I've driven by a few times to check it out since I heard that there would be a new hibachi spot coming soon. I heard they were open so I had to get over there and check it out. It's in the building that was originally called The Rib Crib.




Sept 2


The staff was friendly and sat us immediately in a booth. The woman brought menus and a sheet of paper for the all-you-can-eat lunch of sushi and hibachi. It's encouraged to only order one of everything at first, and then ordering more when you are done so food isn't wasted. The food comes pretty quickly so it wasn't a problem for me. There are salads, appetizers, sushi, hibachi, fried rice and Japanese noodle dishes.




Sept 3

Starting off I chose the green salad that comes with ginger dressing. There were other options, too, including a cucumber salad and couple others. I also chose some crab rangoons and chicken dumplings. Each item came out quickly. My husband and I shared the appetizers and also ordered some chicken fried rice. I enjoyed everything and appreciated that it all came so quickly, especially during lunch. The crab rangs reminded me of the money bags at Tuptim Thai only a little crispier. The sauce was sweet, but not real thick like that bright pinkish red sweet and sour sauce and I enjoyed it. The dumplings came with a sauce of its own and was pretty tasty, too. Everything was hot and fresh.



Next came the thin Japanese noodles and my hubs got the steak hibachi so we could share and get a little bit of both. I got the chicken noodles and the portion was just right. Because of the set up and it being all you can eat, I appreciated the smaller portions so I could have a little bit of everything. Also, once you finish you can always order more if you still want it. The steak hibachi came with a good portion of meat, sauteed veggies and some fried rice. Again, the portions aren't heaping but they are still generous, and there is the option to order more for up to two hours. We still had sushi on its way so I knew I would still need to save some room for that and didn't order additional portions.


Sept 4     Sept 5

The last thing to come was the sushi. We ordered a spicy tuna roll, a volcano roll and a rainbow roll. The volcano roll was my favorite even though it was pretty spicy, at least for me who is pretty sensitive to spicy foods. This one also looked pretty cool because it was cut differently and stood up to resemble a volcano with the red sauces dripping down the sides as if it has just erupted. The rainbow roll was good, and the spicy tuna roll was alright. I wasn't a fan of the spicy tuna roll because it had too much of the crunchy stuff that's usually on top, on the inside. Maybe if it just had less crunchy stuff I would have liked it better, I just didn't like this one. Other than that the sushi was fresh and full of bold flavors. That volcano roll I would recommend to anyone who wants to try something a little different.



Sept 6

For $12.99 at lunch I felt like the price was perfect for what can be ordered. There is a two hour time limit, but who has two hours to eat lunch most days? I get full pretty fast, too, so I don't even need an hour. I think it would be the perfect place to take a group of friends and order everything on the menu and share it and hang out for awhile. I'm excited that it's local and right down the street and I look forward to returning soon. The dinner for 2 is $30, which is a great price, especially for a date night or a night out with friends

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