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Labor Day Weekend - Some act like this is the last weekend of summer but until the weather becomes too cool to lay at the pool, this is just another long weekend to have fun with friends. It use to be about raising money for MDA but this year we lost Jerry Lewis and a few years back the MDA Telethon basically disappeared. I spent countless hours at White Lakes Mall with the square dancers, raising money for the MDA. I also loved watching the telethon every year. It was the big weekend before you went back to school. Now it is just another three day weekend with big sales and usually time at the lake or pool. This year, I went to Kansas City to hang out with my friend Tom for most of the weekend. We didn't do much, we did walk and went to Jerry's. One Saturday, I spray painted the two cabinets that I primed the weekend before. They turned out pretty good. I also met Frankie at the Casino to eat dinner and hang out for a bit, to give her a break from working on school stuff! On Monday, Tom and I went to our friend Pete's house for lunch. He smoked ribs and we brought Mexican corn bread and my famous and delicious banana pudding! Our friends from Netwon, KS were still in town so we got to see them again!

Randy Visits- My friend Randy, who use to live in Topeka came to Topeka from Denver for a class. He was here for a few days and I was lucky enough to get him for dinner and drinks on a Thursday night. We went to Cooks for dinner and then The Brass Rail and The Goose for a couple beers. It wasn't a out of control wild night but we still had a great time! Randy moved to Atlanta from Topeka, that is why I started going to Atlanta. Now he lives in Denver so I will be adding Colorado to my trip list! 


Our Trip to Abilene - Tom and I want to try to visit as many Presidential Museum that we can. I visited the Jimmy Carter Museum a few years back, and was very impressed. We have two within driving distance from Topeka. This month we picked the Eisenhower Museum. We drove down to Abilene and spent over three hours in the museum and still didn't finish. Then we had reservations at the Brookville Hotel restaurant for their chicken dinner! It was so good! A full day and only 90 minutes from Topeka. This is when I decided to make a page about all the fun day trips you can make while living in Topeka.


Abilene 1 Abilene 1 Abilene 1

Friday Night Top City Comedy: August was the first month that Top City Comedy returned to The Break Room stage! Tom and I made it back in time to attend the September show. (It was moved to the 2nd Friday due to the holiday weekend.) The comedians were hilarious! So cool to have a venue that allows local comics to perform!

Cleaning up the yard: The scrubs (Weeds and overgrowth) needed to cut down. I also had big limbs from the big storm that needed to be cut into smaller pieces. Tom brought his chain saw so we worked in the yard for a couple hours. I had a huge pile of stuff that needed to be burned so I called my friend Bruce and asked if he would pick the pile up and take it to the farm to burn. He came over the next day and picked up the pile and cleaned off my roof. He also found poison ivy in my back yard so I had to get stuff to get rid of that. Not before I got poison ivy on my arm. UGH! Where the heck did that stuff come from?! My back yard looked so much nicer though. 

Kansas City Royals Game - Our last game of the season! We went early to stand in line to get a T-shirt Royals blanket. Then we indulged in gourmet hot dogs and had a WIN!!  I also ran into my friend Melissa who was at the games with her family! MIA in pics is Tom who doesn't like his picture taken! 

 Royals 1 Royals 1

Frontmen of County - At the last minute my mom invited me to go see this concert at TPAC. We had such a great time! The crowd wasn't huge but there were quite a few people in attendance. They did a great job! 

Men of County 1 Men of County 1 Men of County 1    

Kansas City Chiefs Game Home Opener - Excited about the new season, we got up early and headed to the stadium. I will not waste my time retyping the parking experience. You can read it HERE! Once we did get to the tailgate party, the fun began! My friends from Atlanta were in town for the game! The tailgate food theme was Philly cheese steak sandwiches. We didn't have much time to hang out before we headed into the game! The weather was awesome and the game was exciting! The chiefs won! 

Chiefs 1  Chiefs 1

Massage - I look forward to my massages! Suzi does such a great job but this time, I had aches that needed more attention so for the first time in my life, I visited a Chiropractor. Lower back and shoulder pain. There were lots of pops once we went over how diet affects our body, he did an adjustment and I felt a little better. I worked out almost every day, so my body always seems to hurt in new places.  


Final Day of Summer - I spent this day, the only way that seems appropriate, with girlfriends at the pool. I went at got my new toes for the Fall and then headed to the pool. The water was still awesome! I am sad our pool days are over!

Fall Toes 2017                      

Hanging out with Friends - I spend a lot of time in Kansas City with my friends and have gotten to know so many new people. One of the bars we go to is called Jerry's Bait Shop! It reminds me of the Goose in Topeka becasue they have so many regulars that it sometimes can feel like a dysfunctional family reunion. The people are great and the staff is fun. The Manager, Vinnie is always mean to me! He makes me feel at home! Just like being around my brothers! :) I run into people there from Topeka and previous jobs all the time! This small bar in Lenexa is a very fun place to go! 

Jerrys 1  Jerrys 1  See even in pictures we don't like each other!

Cyrus Hotel- If you don't make it downtown, here is a short video of the progress at the Cyrus Hotel in downtown Topeka! They also announced that they will be opening a bowling alley/video arcade two stores down from The Break Room! Downtown will be unrecognizable in about three years! The excitement is building!

Plaza Art Fair -I had only heard about how large this art fair was but that didn't do it any justice. Before the fair, we headed downtown to eat BBQ at Arthur Byrants. I had never been and this is some of the best BBQ I have ever tasted! The weather for the end of September was still hot but we walked the entire fair. Tons of artists from all over the United States. Many different types of art were also present. Something for everyone. Some of the prices were a bit above my price range. Luckily, I have my daughter who can paint, draw or design anything I need. Those pieces are priceless to me!

 Aurthur Bryants 2  Aurthur Byrants  Aurthur Byrants Aurthur Byrants

Fall Trip to Atlanta - It wouldn't be fall, if I didn't go to Atlanta! This week, we had tons planned! Eating at my favorite restaurant, Matthew's Cafeteria. We went to see The King and I at the Fox Theatre. I did my first 5K and ended up on the 50 yard line of the new Football/Soccer stadium, Mercedes Benz Stadium. We tried many new restaurants! Everything was very fun. One night, Rob cooked Pesto Chicken Pasta for dinner! Daman made some amazing Spaghetti for a small gathering which was followed by Cards Against Humanity! The next day we just chilled at home an watched movies. Daman grilled delicious juicy hamburgers! On Monday, they both had to work so I stayed home with Bastian, their dog and worked on the newsletter! I am blessed to be able to work from anywhere! This trip ended in October! I already miss my Atlanta family!!

Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1 Atlanta 1  

Ponce City Market - They renovated an old Sears & Robuck store and warehouse to shopping, dining, offices, and soon hotel and living!


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