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Tricia Peterson

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The holidays are right around the corner and I’m trying to wait until then to indulge. When it gets colder out I want comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, chili with cheese on tops and Fritos, any kind of soup and anything with gravy on it. This year I’m trying to stay away from all that by cooking at home and trying to do lighter versions of my comfort food favorites that like to hang out on my waistline.

For awhile I got rid of fats, carbs and sugar to kind of cleanse my body. During that time I found a soup recipe and modified it a little and ended up making it a few more times because I liked it so much. It was pretty simple, especially because I had a ton of garden fresh tomatoes laying around with nothing planned for them. So I blanched and peeled them, diced them up, then cooked them into a soup that I pureed a little bit at the end, but I left some chunks because that’s how I like my tomato soup. Here’s the recipe I used:

3 cloves garlic

2 ounces chopped onions

1 ounce chopped celery

Saute these ingredients in water if you can’t have fat, or butter if you can.

Add the tomatoes and other ingredients and simmer for at least 45 minutes.

13 ounces fresh, chopped tomatoes (you can used canned, too)

1/8th teaspoon thyme

1/8th teaspoon oregano

1/8th teaspoon basil

1/8th teaspoon rosemary

1 bay leaf

¼ teaspoon smoked paprika

After simmering for awhile, puree to your desired consistency. If you want it to be creamier, just add some hot cream or milk.

This recipe saved me on cold days and added freshness to my dull meals that I was getting tired of. It’s also one that I will use even while not dieting just because it’s so good. Any of the herbs can be fresh or dried, just whatever you have on hand. I also like to play around with different paprikas and that really changes the flavor of the soup, too.

What’s your favorite recipe for soup? This is mine for now, please let me know if you like it, too.

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