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Tax Season - Best year yet! I am go glad that it is over though. It takes about a month to deprogram my brain!

Frankie's Birthday weekend: This year we started with a girls night at the K. After that we went to Argosy Casino. On Saturday we went shopping and out to eat. Saturday night we took Ubers to Kanza Hall for a night of dancing. It was Easter weekend so I put together some baskets so everyone that spent the night would wake up to something fun!

Frankie Bday Friday 3 Franke Bday Friday 1Franke Bday Friday 1Franke Bday Friday 1Franke Bday Friday 1

Easter Sunday: After a night of drinking and dancing, it was nice to relax at my friend Pete's (Chico) house. He wanted to use his new smoker to cook Lamb. I had never had lamb before. Tom also joined us for dinner. Chico prepared a very yummy meal on the new grill, lamb, asparagus and corn on the comb. We had chocolate chip cookies for dessert. It was the perfect ending to a fun weekend at the end of tax season!

Easter 1    Easter 1

Easter 1

Anniversary party I left Kansas Trucking, Dec 2015 but I still keep in touch with a few of the drivers on Facebook. My friend Merlin and his wife celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and his 60th birthday. I was excited that he invited me to spend their special day together! They held the party in the private room at the Celtic Fox. It was a great space and yummy food! It was a fun night!!

Anniversary 1  Anniversary 2Anniversary 2  Anniversary 3

Pampering myself after tax season- Since my vacation was moved to the end of April, I treated myself to a pedicure and massage! It was just the beginning of my relax time!


New Cell Phone- Well I hadn't expected to get a new phone but then I realized I had broken my camera on my phone. Now, I can't go without my phone camera. So I spent the next 2 1/2 hours at Verizon getting a new one. The young man that helped me showed me some really cool phones. Once I figured out which phone to purchase, I had to pick my plan. They no longer offer you the $100 phone. They now make you pay the full amount but deduct money from the package.  I did have 2 gig but I ended up with 5 gig. The salesman talked fast and also tried to tell me I had to get this $10 auto assistant thing that attaches to your car. I asked him if I had to get it and he said yes. When he tried to set it up, my car was one of the types that isn't compatible. Somehow I no longer had to buy it with the package. My previous package was $60 plus fees so I paid $82. My current bill is $88 but I don't know if that is what I will pay every month. Now I wait to see if that is the new monthly charge.

Psychic visit- I love meeting with Jo, my psychic. She is also a good friend. It was a good meeting. If you haven't ever been, you should give her a call at 3 Flowers in downtown Topeka!

Dallas Vacation- What a great way to end tax season. My friends moved to Dallas about 18 months ago. The week before I arrived they moved into their new house! My goal on this vacation is to rest, sleep and eat! All three happened. I got to visit my favorite cheesecake place! We also went the Spa Castle for like 3 hours. Water features and Saunas! I slept like a baby that night. I really wish we had something like that around here! One night they invited some friends over for Steak! I made cherry dump cake! Saturday we met a bunch of people for Brunch at a restaurant called The Woolworth. It is never enough time to be gone! My flights were both good! Southwest is a great airline! The flight going was an hour late due to storms but I still made it! Sometimes you just need to go with the flow! Next trip is Florida in June! Taking my uncle to Disney World and spending time with my cousins!

Dallas 1  Dallas 1

Dallas 1  Dallas 1

Dallas 1  Dallas 1

Dallas 1  Dallas 1

Dallas 1  Dallas 1

Topeka Youth Project's 21st Recognition Dinner - I have been privledged to attend at least 10 of these! Each year just gets better! If you have not sent your kids ages 15 to 21 through this program, they are missing out!

TYP Awards 1   TYP Awards 1

TYP Awards 1     TYP Awards 1

Zombie Kansas Premier - This was the first event that was held in the Break Room since the fire! It was a packed house. They invited a food truck to come and serve food and then we watched Zombie Kansas followed by Zombie Beauty Pageant. Both are 100% locally created! Gary Piland and his crew are very talented and Topeka is lucky to have them! If you missed this premier, they will be showing is again on May 20th at The Break Room. Door open at 6pm and Front Door Catering and Food Truck will be available for dinner. I hear that they might also be promoting an up coming event at The Break Room!

Zombie 1 Zombie 1

Zombie 1 Zombie 1

Zombie Kansas

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