The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

Spring is close by, but winter isn’t done with us yet! Looking out my window I watch people walk by huddled against the cold and wind. In contrast, our recent mild weather has shown me sidewalks filled with passers-by enjoying the warmth and gentle breeze, smiling and chatting.

People- watching is a fascinating pastime. I do it because I frequently include human figures in my work, particularly interacting with each other.

As an artist, I communicate ideas. All creatives do that whether they are writers, dancers, actors, vocalists, musicians, designers, architects or visual artists. These ideas show us who we are and ideally point a way to a better state of being. That is not to say we have answers others don’t, but it is to say we provoke thought and evoke emotion. I utilize the human figure itself to do these things.

The folks who stroll by my window in all weathers and circumstances are helping me in my painting practice and I am grateful.


Barbara February


Featured Artist at Studio 831 for February is Diane L. Lawrence

“Tornadoes and the Prairie”

          My interest in colors and movement, such as found in cloud formations, has led to a fascination with tornadoes and the prairie. Although a tornado can be a frightening storm the colors and form are intriguing and challenging. I am also drawn to the prairie’s vastness and seasonal transformations and I am humbled by the natural beauty.


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