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Massage - What a better way to start a month then with an amazing massage from Suzi! If you don't get massages, you should really think about doing it!

Cards Against Humanity Fundraiser: Our friend Jesyca organized a very fun evening playing Cards Against Humanity at Juli's Cafe in Downtown Topeka. Friends gathered together to help raise money to remodel The Break Room and make it cooler! I won the first chance to pick a prize and I picked Sally Glassman's basket of smoked cheese and salsas! YUM!!


Cards 1        Cards 5       Cards 6Card 2        Card 3

Karlita's Birthday Bash: I was thrilled to be invited to Karlita's birthday party at her house! There were so many people there! She transformed her gym area into a concert venue and had Chance Encounter at the guest band! I planned on just dropping by and saying hi, but ended up staying a few hours! I love how others have fun celebrating their birthday!  

Karlita 1     Karlita 2Karlita 3      Karlita 4Karlita 5

JJ's new car: Due to an accident that totaled her car, JJ had to find a new one. Our friend Chris Soper works at a dealership in Lawrence so we figured, we would give him her business. I was going along to make sure she didn't over spend and stayed within her budget. We all know how car shopping can go. I was given a job and I was successful.  JJ found a car within her budget and loves it. We did find the time to grab lunch and a pretty red and blue margarita.

Patriot Day.. The Movie My friend Mike recommended that I see this movie. So after car shopping, Tom and I went to Fork and Screen in Olathe and Mike was correct, I really liked this movie. I was a bit apprehensive because I normally don't like movies about real bad people but this movie focused more on the people who were affected. It was still sad and knowing it was real, made it even more sad.  I liked the way they used the real video footage in the movie!

Hanging with Joey and Sally-  So after a day of car shopping and a movie with Tom, my night was not over. I took my lap top to my friend Joey's and showed him my website and hoped he would be willing to help me figure out how I can make my site profitable so I can continue to provide the service to the residence of Topeka! We then all went downtown KC and rode on the new troll that is free! We ended up at a bar called, The County Club for a couple drinks and then we walked back to his apartment. Since it was so late, I just crashed in his spare bedroom and drove home in the morning! I also go to meet my new friend Sally. She moved her to work with Joey from Seattle. She is awesome!

La La Land the Movie: I have always loved movies. I really enjoy kid movies and musicals. Chelsea and I went to a late showing of La La Land. Due to her new work schedule she sleeps during the day!

Kansas City Theatre Bus Trip - Phantom of the Opera: I started working on this trip over a year ago. We ended up with 59 people. These trips are always fun. I love having new people and seeing the regulars. Our seats were ridiculously awesome! The show was spectacular. After the show we once again went to The Legends for dinner. My mom and I went to a few places that long waits so we ended up at Five Guys and then walked around in the unseasonably warm February weather! I am going to try to schedule a trip to the New Theatre in Kansas City this winter. Our next big show is Lion King, May 2018. I also put our name on the list to get Hamilton Tickets for 2019!

Phantom 1  Phantom 2   Phantom 3Phantom 4    Phantom 5Phantom 6

VFW 25th Anniversary of Dessert Storm - I was invited to attend this event. I was sort of sad for the low attendance but the presentations were awesome! I hope to add a section to the newsletter soon that will interview men and women who have fought in foreign countries! We also were served a very delicious lunch!

VFW Desert Storm

Bowling with Kolton - Kolton's dad invited me to tag along with his girlfriend and her daughter to go bowling. I was happy to go hang out with them and spend some time with my life dude! So funny story, Kolton thought he could bowl without bumpers. So before we took them off, I told him that he was not allowed to cry or throw a fit when his ball when into the gutter and he would get no pins. I told him, if he did, we were done. He agreed and after the next turn, I noticed that he had bumpers again. I asked him if he had put back the bumpers and he replied, Yes, I decided that I couldn't handle it and needed bumpers. This kid is so smart. We need to make sure that kids understand the consequences and that throwing fits is not acceptable. That way they are in control and will hopefully make better decisions.

Bowling 1       Bowling 2

AWE Meeting - I was asked to speak at the AWE meeting in February. I spent an hour talking about my website. It was nice meeting so many professional women. We met at AJ's Pizza and they provided lunch! It was bring a guest day! If you are woman business owner, you should really check out this group!

AWE 1  AWE 2


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