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After searching the internet our friends at Jen Reviews came across, The Topeka Newsletter, and asked if I would like to share their article on Home security. Desmond Henry had brought up the subject in his blog for the January edition.  They actually had some more Science Backed information to help with Home Security. The really cool thing is that they are in New Zealand. The internet has opened the possibility of relationships to other countries that would not have happened otherwise. When the internet is used for good, great things happen. Here is a snipit of their article: To veiw the entire article please visit,  

Science-Backed Guide to Choosing the Best Home Security Products (+12 Home Security Tips)

Even in a relatively safe community, home invasions are a real problem. In the US, home invasions happen every nine minutes.

The scariest thing is that many burglaries don’t happen in empty homes. There may be someone at home. Home security systems and products don’t just keep your valuables safe. It can keep your family and loved ones safe from any danger.

Your safest bet is a full security system. But those can be expensive and difficult to maintain. They will also require professional help.

You can set up your own home security system however - here is a detailed guide that covers everything you should consider.

Table of Contents

Door Locks

Fireproof Safe and Gun Safe

Alarms and Sensors

Smart Home Security Products

Fakes and tricks

Additional Home Security Tips


Response from the above article by Blake with Bankrate wanted me to add this info:  9-9-2019

Burglary rates have been cut in half over the past 25 years, and many experts believe this is due to the rise of home security technologies.

We created a guide that explains the importance of home security and how some improvements can directly impact a home's value. Included are some of the most practical security modifications for in and around your home as well as financing options that can make them more affordable.

You can view our guide here:


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