The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

Approaching June and the half way point of 2017, I ponder the changes in NOTO. An unfortunate fire in one building and extensive improvements on the façade of another building happen along with the opening of new businesses even as another one closes. A new mural is being painted on a wall in an alley in the 900 block; another new one is in front of the arts center.

Artists in the district have recently won awards in shows and competitions elsewhere. We have in NOTO such a concentration of talent and creativity that it makes my heart swell with pride. That same concentration can be found in Topeka and in Kansas as well, but extolling those sources of pride is for another time and venue. Right now, I am thinking about those located here in NOTO and how varied their work is. Some work in very polished manners, others in a raw, more urgent style. But all of it is worth looking at, talking about and possibly collecting. The spirit of the NOTO Arts District is in its eclectic atmosphere and I hope that is one feature which never changes!

Barbara Waterman-Peters


Featured Artists at STUDIO 831 in May

Michael Bradley & Larry Peters

“Earth, Water and Fire”

Ceramics are created using the three elements in the title of this exhibit. Both of these artists are using clay in unique ways, addressing issues outside of function, but with traditional forms.

Work by Bradley is hand built of various colors, utilizing several techniques such as layered thin slabs of colored porcelain slips. Peters’ pieces are wheel thrown and surface treatment is done with underglaze stains. He also utilizes wood bases.

Come see this fabulous exhibit by two top ceramic artists in our region!


Barbara June 2017 

Kathleen Cobb is our Featured Artist for June at STUDIO 831.

“Portraying My Love of the Land, Near and Far”

Capturing the beauty of the Kansas landscape and the American West is the main focus of my paintings. I pay special attention to the light in each scene, from the warm light of an autumn evening to the subtle light of a cloudy day, or catching the atmosphere of distant rain squalls over wide-open spaces. 


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