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First Friday Art Walk - What if I told you that June, 2017 was my first actually First Friday Art Walk that I actually participated and didn't work, would you believe me? Well, it was. We started in Downtown and made our way to NOTO. The atomosphere was awesome. I wondered why the crowd wasan't something that could happen more than First Friday and special events.


Lake Time - Hanging out on the boat with my friends, is always a great time. After a long day on the water, we went to Jeff and Kandy's to grill hamburgers. Friends are the best!

Lake 1Lake 1Lake 1Lake 1

German Fest: The weather was a bit rainy but the food was still amazing.

German Fest

Florida Vacation:  I love traveling. I had scheduled this trip last winter. I wanted to hang out with my uncle and cousins and take a short trip to Disney World. Well some of these plans happened. My uncle had surgery on his hip and later had to fight off an infection with put him in the hospital for over two weeks. I did not get to spend much time with him this trip. However, my cousin Shana and I still took her kids to Disney and we had a great time! I really didn't get to hang out with my Schultz cousins growing up, so I am glad that I get to now. I spend a couple days just hanging out at my uncles house and spending time at the pool. I am not very high maintance so I was able to keep myself entertained! I might need to go back sooner than later so I can hang out with my uncle Elliott.

Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1Florida 1

Gower Wedding- The day finally arrived when Kandy and Jeff were married. JJ and I spent the afternoon at Sharon's pool then made our way to an outside ceremony. The tempature was hot and faces were melting off but the ceremony was beautiful! Then we headed to Croco Square Dance hall for the dinner and dance. It was fun seeing some many people, I haven't seen in years!

 Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1Wedding 1

Pool Time- If you know me, you know that I love going to the pool. I even will drive to KC to hang out at the pool with friends! My friend Mike joined me for a couple hours to soak up some sun! It was a nice day!

One Heart Project- One more meeting with the awesome people with One Heart Project. I hope to be working with them more in the future.

Def Leopard Concert- When your weekend starts on Wednesday, you know fun is to be had! Frankie had purchased tickets to see Def Leopard at the Sprint Center and decided she wanted a girls night. JJ and Jennifer soon were added to the fun night started and ended with a bang.

For safety, we opted to take an Uber to and from the concert. This would allow us all to have a great time and not worry about how could indulge in adult beverages. We started at Power and Light for dinner. We ended up eating pizza at Serious Pizza. Trust me the four of us tore 2 large pizza apart! Next we headed across the street to the Sprint Center. Here we had a blast at the concert. I even ran into Gary and Martha Piland! After the concert we headed back to Power and Light and there we met some fun guys that work for Cerner. The party continued. Here I ran into my friend Erin. (Small world)

Concert 6Concert 6Concert 6Concert 1 Concert 1Concert 1Concert 1Concert 2Concert 2Concert 2Concert 2

Thursday started out slow but we ended up grabbing lunch at Salty Iguana and then went to see a movie, Wonder Woman, that afternoon! It is a great movie and I plan on seeing it again!  I had to head home Thursday evening since I had to get up early for the Topeka Youth Project Golf Tournament. I am a volunteer not a golfer!

Golf 1Golf 1Golf 1Golf 1Golf 1

Friday, after the tournament, I went home for a bit then headed back to Lenexa were Tom and I went to the Lenexa Great BBQ cook off. It was my first year. After the cook off, we went to Jerry's for a couple beers and then home. We had to get up early on Saturday to head to Kaufman for a 1:15 Royals game. We packed like we were going to be gone for days. Our friends Pete and Sara met us at Jerry's and we headed to tailgate. It was a fun day! We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and played tailgating games. To be honest, I was running on fumes. Sunday, was a relax day!

Jerrys 1Jerrys 1Jerrys 1Jerrys 1

Saying good bye to Bertha - I started working at Let's Help in July of 2011. Bertha started working there in 2000! Due to a change in grants, her position was eliminated. This made me sad, since she is such an awesome person! She was a really hard worker and very nice! We met at El Centenario, downtown for lunch and a going away party. Nothing fun about those when the person didn't really want to go away! Good luck to my friend!!

Bertha 1Bertha 1Bertha 1Bertha 1Bertha 1

New Tires - They have told me the past three oil changes that I needed new tires. I finally gave in and got them. I went to Automotion on Kansas Ave and within one hour, I had new tires! Now I just feel safer driving to Kansas City!

Meetings - Yes, I am having meetings. I hope to find some supporters and collaborators to help keep this website going. I am sort of tired of working for free!       

Talk About Topeka - Is back!! Now recorded in front of a live studio audience in the Break Room! Continuing our mission to help the city of Topeka as much as possible!

 Oh Yeah, my brother, Chris Schultz, is still running for Mayor, so make sure to get out and vote on August 1st!!

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