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Chelsea Howe

In 2010, I was a sophomore in college, working an entry level retail position. This was around the time I began paying more attention to what people said and did, realizing how dumb it all was. I’d write down these moments on scraps of paper or receipt tape. I began sketching myself in these situations, experiencing the mundane idiocy of everyday life. These sketches weren’t shown to anyone except my husband Max, who I also began sketching into my strips as he was also experiencing the same mediocrity and disappointments in life. By 2011, I began seeking an outlet for my strips, thinking maybe others could relate and enjoy them. Instead of just posting on the internet, I was rounded up in 2012 by a friend who worked for the Washburn Review, the university’s newspaper, to illustrate a new weekly cartoon which I aptly named Apathetic Wannabe, because sometimes I wish I didn’t care. Within a month, I received a handful of emails from students and professors sharing their delight and interest with the strip. The cartoon continued all the way into 2015 with over 80 strips published. Apathetic Wannabe won awards every year it went to state for competition, often taking first in its categories. After graduation, I put it on hiatus to pursue a new part of my life. The old series was a reflection of quips on retail work and college youth. Today, I am a married woman pursuing a career post-graduation; now I need my cartoon outlet back more than ever. Apathetic Wannabe continue once again, but this time in the Everything Topeka newsletter. We’re back, and ready to point out more of our unique observations of life.







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