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Building A Business:  I know what I am missing. I am missing a big trust fund or a husband that makes all the money and I can just focus on helping make Topeka a better place. Since both of these are not in my future, I have to work many other jobs so this non paying one, gets my spare time! I hope to make this something that can actually have a value and not have to work so much!!

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All Star Team: If you did not take the time to read all their January submissions, you should! They blew their first one out of the water!!

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KIKU's New Years Day Lunch - This was the first time I was able to attend this awesome lunch! I met with old and made new friends! The meal was tasty but the company was the best!

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Colonoscopy (Preventative health care): So when I turned 50, my doctor told me it was time to get a colonoscopy! I had one when I was 25 years old and I remember not wanting to do it again.  This time, it wasn't very bad.  I drink so much during the day, having to drink that much stuff wasn't that bad. I set up my lap top and just let it happen! Everything came back good.  Sorry, no pictures for this fun!        

Substitute Teaching: I am teaching 3 or 4 days a week. I love teaching but it does make me sad to see some of these kids struggle! I see their attitude and totally know that it comes from somewhere!

One of my assignments was to be a floater teacher at Scott Magnet for a morning. Who knew it would end up being such a great day! This job put me in many different classrooms for like 30 minutes so the teacher could go to a meeting. While in a first grade classroom, I noticed they had new headphones for their ipads.  I made a comment to the teacher and she informed me that they were not her headphones, she had to borrow them because her classroom only had 5 working pairs. After thinking about this I posted this on Facebook:

'Barely work!'
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Kids are working on their Ipad. Most of the headphones no longer work so the teacher has to borrow working ones. There are 20 first graders that would love new headphones so they can work uninterrupted on their work. Picture of the worn out ones and then a picture of the ones they borrow. If your business would like to donate 20 new headphones, I know 20 first graders and a teacher who would greatly appreciate it! Let me know, if you would like to help!


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Within 15 minutes I had a private message and my friend Eric with Canada Drug, offered to buy the entire class new headphones.

An hour later, I had another classroom taken care of by my friend Kristina with Garnder Roofing.

Before I left to head to my next job, I went back to the room to let the teacher know she would be getting new headphones the next day! The look on her face was of shock.  The look on her face when I told her I was going to try to get her new headphones was more like, ok you crazy lady!

This one was so happy!

Then the following week, my friend Shelly Lowery-Smith contacted me and wanted to buy another class headphones! This made 63 pairs for three different classes! I have the best friends!


Brianna's Baby Shower: There is nothing that  makes you feel old than going to one of your daycare child's baby shower. I watched Brianna when she was 2 years old. Now she is about to have her own baby! Time flies way too fast!

Briana 1  Briana 2Briana 3


Margaritas with Christy: My friend Christy really like margaritas so we went to El Mezcal for dinner and drinks.  This was the Thursday before the "big Ice storm."  It was a great time. The people who sat next us (Both sets) were nice!

Christy Margaritas

Girls night out-  This was not your typical girls night out. This month we went to friend's essential oil party! I am sure they are really good, but my budget doesn't really allow for much extra spending! Maybe once my website starts making money, I can look more into the benefits of Essential oils!

Girls Night 1  Girls Night 2  Girls Night 3

Rogue One: I was supposed to go see this movie with Chelsea but she ended up going with Uncle Chris. I finally got to go in January with my friend Tom. We went to the Cinema Suits in KC to a late show! I really enjoyed the movie! I can't wait until the next one.

Rogue One

Time with Kolton: I did get in some time with Kolton. We had a great time playing the game, Guess Who!

Free Lunch at Field of Greens provided by the Cyrus Hotel: In December a fire at 913 S Kansas closed down both of our restaurants. Field of Greens has reopened but The Break Room is still a mess. The owners of, 913 Kansas are also the owners of the new Cyrus Hotel and they wanted to do something to help inform the community that Field of Greens is reopened so they came up with the idea of giving away 200 free lunches. These lunches included either the salad bar, soup and potato bar or a sandwich. Customers could also get a drink and one cookie! The doors opened at 11 am and by 12:15 we had served 200 customer but there was still a line so Chris contacted the Cyrus hotel owners and let them know that we had served 200 people already. They told us to go ahead and serve 300 or until 1pm. We ended up serving 300 very satisfied customers in two hours. This is a record for our restaurant! The customers were amazing.  We had regulars and new.  I stood outside and told people about the deal so many people, who had never been inside, got to experience our little family owned restaurant! Now we move on to trying to reopen The Break Room side. This is going to take a little of money.  If you would like to know more or maybe want to help please click here for the GoFundme page:

Free Lunch 1Free Lunch 2Free Lunch 3Free Lunch 4Free Lunch 5Free Lunch 6

Croco Dedication to our Dad - In 1974 our dad, Alan Schultz came up with a great idea to build a square dance hall. He was a square dance caller. They built a board of directors and the first hall was built. In 1986, someone decided to burn the hall down so hall number two was built. Then the state came in and purchased the building and land for the cloverleaf highway project. The third and final hall was built. On December 27th, the square dancers dedicated the new dance floor to our dad! It was a great night and he would be honored if he were still alive!

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