The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

Today I will look inward as wintry light pours through my window. Change has come to STUDIO 831 in the form of new artists and a revitalization of the space! New walls and redefinition of studio space footprints will provide a different, exciting look to our creative surroundings. Artists are interesting people in that they are resourceful and able to reinvent working areas with repurposed materials and a coat of paint! And they are also intriguing in that their comfort in a space depends on its energy and arrangement.

Inspiration, a tired and overused word, is a combination of many things, but its primary component is opportunity to allow great ideas to flow. A space of one’s own, surrounded by the tools needed to create wonderful art, is essential for an artist.

STUDIO 831 in its latest incarnation will certainly guarantee that. I look forward to revealing it on February 3 during the First Friday Art Walk!


Barbara February


Featured Artist at Studio 831 for February is Diane L. Lawrence

“Tornadoes and the Prairie”

          My interest in colors and movement, such as found in cloud formations, has led to a fascination with tornadoes and the prairie. Although a tornado can be a frightening storm the colors and form are intriguing and challenging. I am also drawn to the prairie’s vastness and seasonal transformations and I am humbled by the natural beauty.


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