Organized Chaos VS Fitness Confusion

Anthony Cay


 Anthony Cay

Owner: Total Fitness Body Zone


The Title

So I know you’ve been wondering what’s up with the title. What are all the possibilities that this could mean.  For me Organized Chaos is what most of us go thru on a daily basis. We all start with a preconceived idea or plan of how things are supposed to go for the day. Somewhere in between the beginning the middle or the end. Our day turns into a complete antonym of what the original plan was. All of a sudden everything is about to take a bad turn.  Without any notice we are quickly ushered from highly organized to” Complete Chaos”.  Now its time to change the initial plan and go with an audible.  This makes our new goal simple, evade and survive.

Clearly I’m describing my life of raising kids all while trying to juggle a demanding career and maintain any meaningful relationship.  Nobody else out there can ever identify with this right?

The word “Fitness is a noun, the definition is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. This is such a simple definition for a very complex topic of discussion.  This is where the all “Confusion” begins and never ends. Now ask yourself what does “Fitness” mean to You?

This is Anthony “The Calorie Killa” Cay I’m the Owner Of Total Fitness Body Zone in Topeka Kansas.  I will help you answer that fitness question.

Now that I have your undivided attention, stay tuned for future videos, pictures and other helpful information and tools designed to help you succeed with obtaining your” Fitness Goals ”






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