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Tricia Peterson


Dieting and Eating Out Isn’t Easy.

By Tricia Peterson


My new favorite spot in Topeka lately has been Quinton’s. Maybe it’s the fact that I have friends working there, or even that they have good food, but I think the big thing is the live music. The fact that you can go there on most nights and listen to live music while eating dinner or having drinks with friends is incredibly appealing to me. There aren’t many restaurants in Topeka that offer live music on a week night, and I’m not talking about karaoke.

Drink and food specials are available every night and there’s usually a featured burger every couple weeks, too. The menu has burgers, wraps and huge baked potatoes. My friends always seem to order the pretzels with nacho cheese, but my favorite is the chili cheese nachos. Both are great with a couple cocktails if you aren’t looking to eat an entire meal. The black angus burgers are a little more filling, though so there are more substantial options available.

A new special that’s starting is Spoken Not Slurred, Martini Mondays. The martinis will be $4 and there’s an entire list of special martinis available. I happened to be there one night when Konnor was messing with recipes and I got to try a few of them. My favorite was the Lemon Drop which has vodka, Triple Sec, lemon juice and simple syrup with a rim of sugar. It was sweet and lemony just like I like my lemonade. One that I was surprised by was the Pineapple Coconut Martini made with coconut rum, pineapple juice and grenadine. It’s layered so each drink tasted a little different than the last because the grenadine was at the bottom, it got sweeter with every sip.

I think the biggest draw for me is the live music. Thursdays there is usually acoustic music, which is usually my favorite. Over the weekend, though, it’s a little louder and the style ranges from punk rock to a guy on a violin.  To know what shows are coming up you just need to go like their Facebook page and look at their events. Or, you can always check the calendar on this website, www.EverythingTopeka.com.


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