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Kansas City Royals - I attened my first double header! Going to one game in a day can be fun, but getting there at 9am and leaving at 10:30 pm was pretty cool. Tom, Pete and I purchased a two game pack, packed up the car and spent the day at the K! We had a great time! Then a couple weeks later, Tom, Ryan and Mark and I went to another game.Going to the games are so much fun!

 Royal A 1

Kansas City Royals - It was weird actually going really early and tailgating for a Saturday evening game. My friends Tom, Mark and Ryan all went with me. We grabbed some Gates BBQ and headed to the K. It was a fun night with the guys!

Royals B 3  Royals B 3  Royals B 3Royals B 3

Kolton's Birthday - I rarely get to spend this day with him but this year it fell on a Monday so him and I went to the pool. We had a blast!!

Kolton 2     Kolton 2

Fourth of July: Doesn't seem right when it falls on a Tuesday but the Collin's Park parade was still awesome! After the parade, I just went home. I did get to hang out with Kolton and Jason for awhile!

4th July 1  4th July 1  4th July 1  4th July 1  4th July 1

Teaching Kolton to Swim:  So Kolton joined me at my friend's house to swim. He started out with his life jacket on but then wanted to try to learn how to swim on his own. So we took the life jacket off and I gave him some basic swim rules and by the end of the day, we was swimming like a fish. Check out his videos below!

Swimming 1


Kiki Delievery Service - The Movie- This is one of my favorite movies and Regal was actually going to show it on the big screen. Chelsea and I purchased our tickets and got to the theatre early to get a good seat. Unfortunately, they couldn't get the projector to work so we just got refunds and free movie tickets. We were not the only ones that were sad, there were at least 50 others that wanted to see Kiki on the big screen.

 Kiki 1

Dinner with my friend Mike- Mike works a lot but when we can both find a night, we like to grab dinner. This time we met in Lawrence. He lives in Kansas City so we met in the middle. We went to eat at the Burger Stand in Lawrence. I like the one in Topeka so I thought we would give this one a try! It was really good. They do not offer a teachers discount on Wednesday night though. That was sort of a bummer but they were very busy so they don't really need to.

Mike Dinner

Meetings - Yes, I am having meetings. I hope to find some supporters and collaborators to help keep this website going. I am sort of tired of working for free!       

Talk About Topeka - Is back!! Now recorded in front of a live studio audience in the Break Room! Continuing our mission to help the city of Topeka as much as possible!

Ultimate Camping Trip - I can't believe our camping trip is over! I always look forward to seeing my lake family and spending time on the water! This year we had a blast. Friday night we cooked hot dogs on our campfire, Saturday we spend the day on the lake and for dinner, I made a taco bar. Sunday, I got up and Cyndi and I made breakfast, we packed and then headed back out on the water! The weather was perfect and we got to sleep in the camper again! I really love my time at the lake and add camping just makes it better!      

 Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1  Camping 1

Ice Cream and Food Truck tacos- What a special treat to find this yummy food truck at the ice cream store. We grabbed some street tacos and then headed in to get some homemade ice cream. Tom wanted to try the Burnt Ends & Sauce ice cream. I was not that adventurous!

Four out of Four Stars Four out of Four Stars Four out of Four Stars




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