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Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

April! Excitement hums through NOTO with the warmer weather and promise of new beginnings! Glancing out my window I notice a small group of people deep in conversation, not a unique sight, but different this time because I recognized two of the participants. One is a talented photographer who tirelessly captures events in our city; the other is a wonderful community activist who focuses on innovative programs. Watching them create a new image to promote a new idea was fascinating.

The NOTO Plein Air Project, kicking off this month, will be an opportunity for many creative people to participate in the same sort of process. On April 22, artists, writers, musicians and other creatives are invited to come to NOTO (meeting at STUDIO 831) to soak up the atmosphere and to create a work of art which expresses their response to our ARTS District. Even if they can’t come that day, the invitation is open! Later in the year, these works will be exhibited, read, shown and then placed in a publication for future generations!

Barbara Waterman-Peters


Studio 831 April Artist


Featured Artists at STUDIO 831 in April

Michael Bradley & Larry Peters

“Earth, Water and Fire”

Ceramics are created using the three elements in the title of this exhibit. Both of these artists are using clay in unique ways, addressing issues outside of function, but with traditional forms.

Work by Bradley is hand built of various colors, utilizing several techniques such as layered thin slabs of colored porcelain slips. Peters’ pieces are wheel thrown and surface treatment is done with underglaze stains.  He also utilizes wood bases.



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