Kim's Excellent Adventures!

Where is 2018 go? 


The Break Room - It is time to reopen The Break Room! No we are not opening for lunch. We however are available for lunch meetings! Field of Greens can cater your  meetings! Order 15 or more boxed lunches and get an hour free at the Break Room. Extra charge for staff, technology etc.  Meeting with my family is always an adventure and sometimes just ends in a yelling match. We are family and we don't pretend to be perfect. So far, all I can say is we will had the Hottest Happy Hour in Downtown Tues- Friday.  We will also have game night every Thursday night and Topeka Feud will be open to the public!  We still have more work to do but February will be the beginning of something new and fun!            

Supper ClubOur Seventh supper club was at The Pennant/HHB. We planned on eating at The Pennant but this didn't work out. Our group was too big and they were too busy. So we walked across the street and ate at HHB BBQ. It is about the people not the place! We had a great time once we got food in our stomach. We also wore our ugly sweaters!

Christmas - It wasn't big this year. Trying to build a business and not being able to find finacial support in Topeka has made money tight! We had just as much fun but my shopping was very limited this year. Doesn't seem fair that you work 60 hours a week and still have no money. You have to spend money to make money. Well I have spent the money, now I hope to make it back. Christmas is normally just another day really. Christmas Eve, my family celebrated with dinner, dessert and opening presents. My daughter and I made a red/green velvet cheesecake cake on Sunday. It took us over 6 hours! It was so good! It was also fun to spend the weekend with her. We went to see a movie on Saturday and spent the day in KC. I had to stop by Jerry's to see my friend Vinnie who won a bet and had to dress in drag and bartend. They raised over $1000 to buy gifts for a couple families and made a lot of bags for residents in a nursing home! That is what Christmas is all about!  On Christmas day I went to KC to see a movie Tom. We saw The Mule. It was a good movie but don't waste your money in theatre, wait for Netflix. 

Girls Candy/Christmas Party- This year we drew names and had to buy a gift with the theme of spa! Something that we felt would be relaxing. We met at Teri's new house to make our candy. Teri had shirts made this year. Yes we are that kind of friends. We made some yummy candy, then we ordered pizza and drank a couple beers in our new coffee mugs from Melissa. Then we all opened our gifts from each other. We laugh way too much! I love these girls! 

Social Butterflies From Kansas closing in on 1000 likes!  - What the heck.. why haven't we gotten to 1000 likes yet?? So close!

ING  - We had a fun meeting at China Pavillion and a much larger meeting at AJ's. 

PIE - Another networking option. I hope we can grow this group in 2019.  

End of year doctor visits  - I am blessed that I have insurance. I know a lot of people would love to take that away from me. They believe that they should have really cheap insurance and that I should not have insurance. Yes, this is how I inturpret those who want to get rid of ACA. Well for now I was able to have a couple minor proecdures that could have gotten bad but I was able to stop it before it got worse. For this, I am thankful that I have insurance. 

Free Branding Advertising Marketing (BAM) for a year Yep I am working on a project. More info coming soon!

Day in KC with Chelsea  - Chelsea wanted me to see Spiderman and I had to go to KC to visit Vinnie at Jerry's so we made a day out of it! Grabbed tacos at Taco Via, Spider Man at AMC 28, Jerry's Bait Shop, grabbed dinner at Panera (had a gift card) then walked around Legends for a couple hours. It was a great day!!

Toni and Tony's Christmas Party - My friends built a new house so I have not been to see my KC friends for over a year. This is way too long but I know how life is. Things change but I still miss friends that I once would see at least once a month. My initial plans fell through so I thought I would stop by and see some friends. What a fun time! So much food! It was great seeing everyone. I then went to hang out with another friend in KC. The day was not what I had planned but ended up being a great time!  I love those nights! Unexpected and so much fun! 

Teresa's Girl Christmas Party - This was my 2nd year attending her party. Tons of people and food! We even had a fire outside! I was the last to leave! 

UnWind - was hosted by Vaerus Aviation and Schwerdt Design. I have not been to this after hours in a long time! My friend Brooks is a co-owner of Vaerus and I wanted to go see him and catch up with others! I also wanted to bring Andrea so she can meet some of my friends! 

A Drag Queen Christmas - My cousin Chad bought tickets for me, my aunt and him to see this show in Wichita! We grabbed dinner before the show. I loved the show it was so much fun. I stayed with my friend Frank! Him letting me stay with him allows me to do more in Wichita. I don't have to pay for a hotel. 

Lunch with Friends - I don't think the holidays had anything do with having lunch with friends. I think we had talked about it enuogh and finally made it happen.  I met my friend Susan at Field of Greens and my friend Janlyn at Josie's! It was great to catch up and we promised each other that we won't wait years again!  Don't talk about doing stuff, just do it! Make it happen! 

To locate restaurants and local businesses you can search everything Topeka. We will begin to spotlight local businesses though!! Stay tuned for more fun stuff!!

Coming soon my monthly video Diary!!

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