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ttn logoMarch, 2018: Welcome to my latest adventure!

Kim Schultz

We are getting closer to spring! The adventures are not slowing down and Topeka is staying pretty active! 

The View from My NOTO Studio

Barbara Waterman Peters


View from my Studio

By Barbara Waterman-Peters

View from my Studio    15

Barbara Waterman-Peters

Gray skies and icy streets today in a winter season marked by strange temperature extremes and woefully inadequate moisture produce an even light for painting. Coming across my canvas from the right side, it generates very little shadow from my hand and brush. Most of the “shadow” is in my soul caused by recent events.

However, I am cheered by having the opportunity to paint, to spend time with other artists and to be fortunate enough to have my studio in NOTO.

My current project is another addition to my women series. Three young women are playing bridge in this painting which relates to a piece called “The Card Players” in my men series. Using the setting of games allows me to explore many situations in the human condition and seems to present endless possibilities. A new theme for me is Theater of the Absurd which seems timely. I am working on the first painting in that series, too. I am eager to see where that takes me and my work!

“Looking Back” continues at STUDIO 831 in March, featuring the work of Michael Bradley and Hi Stockwell. A range of ceramic pieces from the last number of years is paired with an early, unfinished painting and more recent ones. It is a chance to see how artists progress in the development and exploration of their work. And the two artists’ creations display beautifully together.

 Stockwell Dont Bother Theyre Here      Stockwell Dont Bother Theyre Here



Kim's Excellent Adventures

The Illusionists - It is not very often that a Broadway show makes it way to Topeka!! When it does, I plan a group and make sure I have the best seats in the house! Twenty two friends and I made our way to TPAC after my family and some friends ate dinner at HHB BBQ. It was a great night! Anyone that says you need to leave Topeka to have fun isn't taking the time to enjoy what we have to offer!! 

 Illusionist 1

Meetings- I am back to the meeting curcuit! It is important to get out and network! I have met some awesome people!

Topeka Generosity Network - I was able to meet even more people that are dedicated to their business! They meet every Wednesday at 11:30, I am not sure where their new meeting place is though. I won't be able to go back until after tax season is over!!   


Topeka Growth Partners, they meet on Tuesday mornings at 9 am at 515 S Kansas Ave. There is not annual fee to join and it is a fun bunch of professionals. Another couple packed meetings. I love watching the attendance grow and meet new people. I really believe if you haven't joined any of these groups, you should! You can gain a lot from them! Not just new friends but knowledge, business contacts and support!

Topeka GrowthTopeka GrowthTopeka Growth  

ABWA KEEN - This month we met on Valentine's Day. Our speaker was Patti Bossert from Key Staffing and Premier Eomployment Solutions! 


AWE- This month we had three member spot lights. This is the time to talk about who you are so the group can get to know you better! 


ING Meeting - We meet every other Wednesday at various places in Topeka! This meeting is also growing in attendance. If you want to attend let me know, after tax season!


ENGAGE Meeting - We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursdays at AJ Pizza! I was only able to attend one of these meetings due to tax season! I miss the crew but work out weighs networking! 


Wichita Trip: I love hanging out with my Wichita family and friends! I hate that life gets so busy and I don't have more time to be there! This year, I will change that! When I arrived I visited a new coffee/game shop to meet with the owner of, a website with the same idea as mine! I want to meet the people behind these projects. The difference is Wichita businesses finacially support this concept. Friday, Chad and I went out to eat a locally owned restaurant where the owner came to our table and we ended up with homemade chocolate cake! Then double feature movie night. Pitch Perfect, very large mixed drink at the next theatre and then The Greatest Showman! What a fun time! My meal was delicious and I would recommend them to anyone! If you do go, tell the owner, Kim from Topeka sent you! Saturday, Chad had to work so I kept busy by visiting my aunt and uncle in Newton and hanging out with my friends Greg and Marisa who also live in Newtown. We drove to Wichita for the home show. Then my cousin Chad and Tristan took me to a locally owned Italian restaurant in Newton. Another great place and if you ever find yourself in Newton, tell Rosie, I said hi!!  

Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1Wichita 1   

LMC Launch Party - This has only just begun. There is a lot of work to still do!  Over 30 people attended. The energy was great and it was so nice to have people thank you for wanting to help them and show them how collectively we will all work together to make Topeka even better!  Now to find more sales people! At the party we announced that, TV25, Wren Digital, Metro Voice, Topeka Health & Wellness, Everything Topeka, The Topeka Newsletter, Gablocal, and Talk About Topeka will be working together to help any business in Topeka advertise! 


Top Tank Reveal - I was so excited when my friend Teresa asked me to help with the coat check! I rarely get to go to these events because they aren't in my budget, YET!  I didn't really follow the process because our family had submitted a nomination and didn't make it to the first round. I wasn't shocked because I knew, they were looking for a business to use one of their buildings to add another business to downtown. Before we started the coat check gig, we were talking about who would win. I only knew one person personally that made the final cut! She was so excited and had a great business concept, well she still does! Her cakes are beautiful and I know one day she will get a store front. However, downtown Topeka is supposed to be the entertainment distict of Topeka! You start with building entertainment like, bars, restaurants, and activities. So when asked, I knew they would pick the beer. It just made sense to me. I wanted the cheesecake because we have NO cheesecake in Topeka but I knew that wouldn't survive alone! I wasn't shocked when The Brew Bank won the $100,000. I was excited that they wanted to give the cheesecake a chance with a $50,000 grant.  The crowd was a collection of all different types of people! It is exciting to see our community working together to help grow small businesses! This won't be easy for either one of them! In order for Downtown to work, people need to get over their negative feelings and want to help make it work!

 Top Tank 1Top Tank 1Top Tank 1Top Tank 1

Josie's Bakery - My goal this year is to visit 20 restaurants that I have not eaten at! I don't eat out much in Topeka because I like to cook but I am determined to accomplish this goal. My second place this year on my list. Why have I waited so long! The owners are great and nice. The store is very relaxing and cool. I tried a Monte Cristo! I will be back!!

 Josey 1Josey 1

Shawnee County Fair Committee - Meeting number two: The task of trying to rebrand the 4-H fair to the Shawnee County fair is a big job! This year, they are bringing in some fun family stuff and a concert. The fair is free to attend! You will want to attend this year's fair with your family!!  July 26 - 29


Talk About Topeka- We have been taking a hiatus to put together a newer version! May 1, 2018 you will see what we have been working on. Talk About Topeka isn't gone, it just going to get to the next level! I had heard about this company but it wasn't until I met with Jeff Lees that I figured out, I need this in my life! If I plan on getting paid to help people promote their businesses, I also need a way to thank them for choosing me. This is the perfect way.  Junk mail has moved to our junk email account. Who doesn't like getting a personalized greeting card and/or gift in the mail! You can click here and try the website or phone out. Just set up an account and send two cards on me!  I want you give it a try and see how your friends, co worker, client or even family reach to getting a card. If you are interested and need help, let me know and I will have Jeff contact you to set up a meeting or answer your questions! Jeff and i are working together on this project! My mom loved her card!!

Click HERE to send two free personalized greeting cards!!







Topeka City of Character

Topeka City of Character


Alertness -

being aware of what is taking place around me so I can respond appropriately


do it downtown topeka




Absolute Desing by Brenda

Absolute Design by Brenda


 629 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603

(785) 266-7999

  Avenue Hair Styling

Avenue Hair



Boho Mojo

631 S Kansas Ave 

(785) 783-8622

  Briman's Leading Jewelers


734 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603

(785) 357-4438

  Cashmere Gourmet Popcorn

Cashmere Popcoren Logo

728 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66612

(785) 554-8895

  David's Jewelers

Davids Jewelers

 623 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603 - 785-234-4808


 Dean's 1/2 Price Books

Deans Books

 1426 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66612 - 785-357-4708




 628 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 

(785) 430-5221


 Ginny's Gift Shop

Ginnys Gift Shop

 929 S Kansas Ave, Topeka KS 66612



Guard Sales

Guard Sales

1404 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66612 - 785-235-1378


 Hazel Hill Chocolates Traditions


724 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603

(785) 215-8883


Heavenly Creations

116 SE 7th


Leaping Llamas

Leaping Llmas Artisan Shop

725 S Kansas Ave

Topeka, KS 66612

Leaping Llamas Artisan Shop is a space for Kansas artist to sell their work in downtown Topeka. We will also be offering adult and children's art classes for every skill set. Our goal is to get more art into the community!




 Moburts Spices


820 S Kansas Ave.


Flavor is name of the game and we love them as much as you do. From our homemade, handmade blends, to our bright spices, robust herbs, and wonderful array of salts and sugars, to our California olive oils and California wine vinegars to our aged Italian Balsamic vinegars, we’ve got what you want. You can cook with great ingredients just like your favorite celebrity chef! We know because you appreciate terrific flavors and new adventures, you will love what Moburts can add to your creations.  

At Moburts, we offer a wide array of flavorings with an emphasis on superior quality, exceptional value, and outstanding customer service.



N V Me Fashions

729 S Kansas Ave


 Oddfellows Books


117 SW 6th St, Topeka, KS 66603 - 785-354-8899


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mon. - Sat. 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Open First Fridays until 8:00 PM
Closed Sundays

Oddfellow's is Topeka's newest and greatest collectibles store.  We offer a huge selection of quality used books of every kind and subject.  We also offer a great selection of coins and currency as well as comic books, stamps, ephemera, and LOTS of other things to excite the collector in you.


While there is lots of great reading to be found in the average used bookstore we choose to sell books as commodities and not as consumables.   This means that the books you purchase from Oddfellow's will find a permanent home on your bookshelves and not get passed on after reading.  Our books include the rare and out-of-print, books from the 19th century and earlier, leather-bound beauties, and new books by local authors as well as a ever expanding selection of modern fiction.  We also pride ourselves on having a large selection of books about Topeka and all of Kansas including books by local authors.  Whatever subject you love, we have a book for you!

Please continue to check back as we expand our website.  Soon we will have a link to our online catalog and an events calendar to keep you up-to-date on author signings and other events around the store.


 Platform 785

929 S Kansas Ave Ste A


Vintage Clothing from 1900 - 1980's, focusing on 1940-1960! We always offer treats, tea and jazz while you shop. We are right by the little pocket park with the train platform and BNSF train at 10th and Kansas in Topeka



Prairie Glass Studio

Prairie Glass Studio

 110 SE 8th Ave, Topeka, KS 66603

(785) 271-8006


Our colorful shop is located in the garden level of the Historic Crane Building at 110 SE 8th Avenue. This Topeka landmark has showcased numerous businesses since the late 1800’s. Now this enchanting building presently houses Gizmo Pictures, Juli’s Coffee & Bistro and Prairie Glass Studio.

Bursting with creativity, Prairie Glass Studio offers creative gifts, home décor and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Located in the Capitol City of Kansas, we feature a Sunflower-themed glass art collection year-round.

Prairie Glass Studio is known for the perfect environment to host birthday parties, staff retreats, family gatherings, etc. or just come in with a few friends and take a class.


The Sewing Workshop

Sewing Workshop

301 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603

 (785) 357-6231


Shana Cake

Shana Cakes

 435 S Kansas Ave, Topeka Kansas 66603

(785) 408-1272


All products contain ABSOLUTELY NO Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Corn, Nuts, Tree nuts, GMOs, Artificial flavorings/colors or Preservatives!

Don’t need Gluten/Wheat/Dairy/Soy/Corn/Nut/Tree nut-Free?  That’s OK…our treats are fabulously delicious – you wouldn’t know they were allergy friendly if we didn’t tell you!

Need egg-free or Vegan?  Most products can be made for your needs!

Want to mix up your grains so you’re not always eating the same ones?  We can make things in different ways – for example, Vanilla cupcakes can be made with brown rice flour mix or with sorghum flour mix.

Want a different flavor than we show?  Just ask and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Please contact us and discuss your dietary restrictions or special requests and we’ll work with you to get you some fresh and yummy treats that you can eat and feel good about!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Skin Art Creations Tattoo Emporium

skin art creations

114 SW 8th Avenue, Studio A, Topeka, KS 66603

 (785) 580-8748


 Stephen Smith Images

Stephen Smith

 931 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66612

(785) 235-2710


Supersonic Music


117 SE 6th Ave, Topeka, KS 66603



TreeHouse Custome Drums

 Treehouse Custom Drums


117 SE 6th Ave



Top City Shoes

106 SE 7th



 United Martial Sciences

United Martial Science

628 1/2 S Kansas Ave in Topeka, KS



United Martial Sciences is located at 628 1/2 S Kansas Ave in Topeka, KS. We offer instruction in Mixed Martial Arts,
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and Aikido. We have a diverse student base training at our facility. Our students include
pro-mma fighters, pro-boxers, and amateur competitors. Students that choose not to compete still enjoy many benefits
associated with the demanding training regimen of a competitive fighter. Additionally, we offer defensive tactics courses to
law enforcement, military and security personnel
We are an affiliate school of Miletich Fighting Systems ( and Marcio
Laselva (
United Martial Sciences has 14 heavy bags, a floor mounted boxing ring, a full sized combat sports MMA cage, and plenty of
mat space for all your training needs! We offer evening classes starting at 6pm. Come and check us out or give us a call at


Warehouse 414

Warehouse 414


414 SE 2nd St, Topeka, KS 66607

(785) 232-8008


 Wolfe's Best

Wolfes Camera

635 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603

(785) 235-1386





 105 SE 10th Ave # A, Topeka, KS 66612

(785) 233-9000



Bruno's Downtown Grill & Bar

1003 SE Quincy

Topeka, KS 66612


The Celtic Fox



 The Center for Better Nutrition

Center for Better Nutrition



 Classic Bean


 Field of Greens

FOG Logo 300 dbi

 909 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66612


Globe Indian Restaurant



 Golden Dragon



 Hanover Pancake House







 Jayhawk Corner Cafe

Jayhawk Diner


Juli's Coffee & Bistro



Kansas Avenue Cafe

 628 S. Kansas avenue; Topeka, Kansas 66603.


Luis Place

 435 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603



732 S Kansas Ave

 Pepe & Chela's

Pepe Chelas



Rowe House


Terry's Bar & Grill

Terrys Bar Grill Cropped


 Top of the Tower Club

 Top of the tower


 Townsite Cafe

Townsite Cafe






 Banner Dining





Local Film Makers

Topeka is a very creative community. Our live theatre is plentiful and amazing. We have all types of music. We also are home to many talented film makers.


Roaring Rat Films 

Gary Piland

This company is 100% local. The owner/Director/Writing lives in Topeka. The movies are shot in Topeka by Topeka actors. 

They are working on putting the two full length movies on iTunes. 





Current Project:


Past releases:

Zombie Kansas

Zombie Kansas




Zombie Beauty Pageant

Zombie Beauty Pageant

Zombie Shorts:   Zombie Chigger,    Zombie Laundry,   Zombie Tattoo Parlor

Zombie Chigger     Zombie Chigger     Zombie Chigger


Sunrunner Films, LLC

Austin Snell

 Austin Snell is the CEO and Director of this company. Austin lives in Lawrence and often uses Topeka and local actors in his movies.

You can purchase your own copy at






Current Project:


"Nature is a haunted house..."  -Emily Dickinson


"In an attempt to reconcile the problems in their relationship, Myra (Carmen Anello) and James (Owen Lawless) venture to an isolated cabin in the mountains.  It is there they encounter an ancient evil that haunts the landscape, capable of turning people into deformed monsters.  Not only will they be fighting for their relationship, they will be fighting for their lives."

EXPOSURE is a throw-back horror experience in the vein of your favorite 70's and 80's classics.  Featuring practical effects-based creature designs and a special appearance by horror legend Lynn Lowry, EXPOSURE is made for fans and by fans.

STARRING: Carmen AnelloOwen Lawless (Helltown) & Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies, I Drink Your Blood & Model Hunger)

Special Effects by Jake Jackson

Produced by Clayton Ashley, Jake Jackson, and Austin Snell

Written by Jake Jackson and Austin Snell

Directed by Austin Snell


Past movies:

Dust, Blood & Fire and Eraser

 Dust Blood Fire  Erasure





Steve Balderson

Although it appears this company has movied to California, they got their start in Kansas.  Steve Balderson was born in Manhattan, KS.






Maker By Night FX

Special Effects Makeup Artist Jake Jackson 


MotoVike Films

Teach Us All - Documentary hitting Netflix

Topeka Nightlife

6th Street Back Door

610 SW Wayne


Abigail's Grill & Bar

3701 SW Plaza Drive

Abigail Week Day Lunch SpecialsAbigails MondayAbigals Tuesday Wednesday Abigails

Abigails Thursday Abigails Friday Abigails Saturday Abigails Sunday

Abigails Menu 1 Abigails Menu 2

Baby Dolls

5300 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka Kansas 66609
Gentleman's Club


Blackbird Espresso Bar & Bistro

4025 S.W. 10th Ave. Topeka, KS 66604

Good food. Good coffee. Good grief. 

The Boobie Trap

6th & Washburn

Boulevard Billiards

Boulevard Billards Logo
4700 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka, Kansas
(785) 230-0114

The Brass Rail

401 NE Emmett St

The Break Room

911 S Kansas Ave

First Friday - TopCity Comedy Show


8249 SW 10th Ave
Topeka, Kansas

Bull Frogs

2940 SW Wanamaker Road
Topeka, KS 66614
785-272-FROG (3764)


Burger Stand

1/2 price for students on Monday
$1 off Colorado beer on Tuesday
1/2 for Educators along with $4 glasses of wine on Wednesday
Thursday is $1 off Kansas beers
Friday is $2 Domestics
Sunday is $4 Bloody Marys and Walking dead viewing parties when the series is running.


Celtic Fox

118 SW 8th street

Classic Bean (Fairlawn Plaza)

Featuring Live Music by Local
Friday & Saturday Nights 8 - 11pm


CG's Lounge

501 NW Lyman Rd, Topeka KS



1545 SW Fairlawn Rd., Topeka
Our Happy hour is 4-7, offering $3 well drinks.

Tuesday and Thursday all day, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6-8pm

$4.50 1/2 lb Burger and Fry special with a drink purchase.

Friday and Saturday nights Karaoke and 8-Ball pool tournament 

Karaoke starts at 9:30 and our pool tourneys have a 7:30 start time.

The Dutch Goose

3203 SW 10th

El Azteca Club

1201 SE 6th St, Topeka KS 66607


Flamingo Bar & Grill

2335 NW Clay

Gage Center Bowl

4200 SW Huntoon, Topeka, KS 66604


Glazed Goose

5630 SW 29th St, Topeka, KS 66614


Happy Bassett Brewing Company

6044 SW 29th St, Topeka, Kansas
(785) 783-3688

Henry T's

1521 SW 21st St

Hog Hollar

CLOSED During the winter!!!

9252 Apple Valley Ln, Ozawkie, KS 66070

Hog Holler Menu 1  Hog Holler Menu 2

Hookah House

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone:(785) 286-7003

1507 SW 21st St Suite 201Topeka, Kansas 66604
Hours of Operation
Sunday-Wednesday : 12PM-12AM
Thursday-Saturday : 12PM-3AM

J & J Gallery Bar

917 N Kansas Ave

KnJ's Sports Bar

1909 NE Seward Ave, Topeka, KS 66616


Pool Hall

Kickstart Saloon

2521 N Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66617



Lazy Toad

22nd Place & Chelsea


1424 SW Lane St, Topeka, KS 66604


Topeka’s most exciting new restaurant & sports bar offers great food, live entertainment, thirty-eight 50 inch plasma TV’s and over 20 Beers on tap. Something special for Topeka is our private lounge area and private dining rooms. Call to reserve for any special occasion.

Food: We offer a variety of home style foods with favorites such as fried chicken, meatloaf, breakfast all day long, as well as New York-style pizza for lunch and dinner.

Weekends: enjoy live entertainment

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11am to 2am

Inside seating: 300

Outside patio seating: 90

Lounge seating: 40

Louie's Lounge and Laundromat

1501 SW 21st St Ste 109

Topeka, KS 66604


Full Service Bar- Opens daily at 9am. Closes at Midnight Sun-Wed, and 2am Thur-Sat.
Laundromat with brand new machines opens daily 6am-11pm.

Norsemen Brewing Company

830 N Kansas Ave, Topeka, Kansas

(785) 783-3999

Perry Bar & Grill

Perry, KS

Quinton's Bar & Grill

4121 SW Hunton
Topeka, KS 66604

Riegel 20's West

901 SW Fairlawn

Skinny's Sports Bar and Grill

4016 SW Huntoon
Please check website for daily specials and upcoming events.

Speck's Bar & Grill

2105 SW Mission ve, Topeka, KS 66614


Home of the 3 pound burger!!

Terry's Bar & Grill

522 SW 6th Ave, Topeka, KS 66603


The 20's

2910 SW Oakley, Topeka KS 66614

Brookwood Shopping Center


The Den

1116 NW Lower Silver Lake Rd, Topeka, KS 66608


The Shack

2842 SW 29th St, Topeka, KS 66605


Now serving Breakfast

The Spot Tavern

2202 SW Buchannan St, Topeka, KS 66611


Uncle Bo's

420 E. 6th • Topeka, KS • 66607 • 785-234-4317

Viking Sports Bar

4731 NW Hunters Ridge Cr, Topeka, KS 66618



5011 SW Topeka Blvd 785-862-0776

Wild Horse Salon

Hours of Operation: Wed. through Sun 8:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Must be 21 to enter.




Kim's Little Black Book of Helpers

Little Black Book

Need help around your house or business?

Here are a few companies that have helped me in the past! Make sure you write these numbers down!

H.D. Services

Heating & Air
Hugh Renyer

Pruitt Appliance Service
2013 SW 6th St.
Topeka, KS 66606

Passow Remodeling
Ryan Passow
Click Here for Website

Gardner Roofing
Click Here for website

Brian's Total Home LLC

Wood Floors Plus More

Brian Huffstutler
(785) 845-9492

Cambridge Quartz and Granite

Counter Tops


Mastery Movers
785-271-7100 (office)785-633-4904 (cell)Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pmFree Estimates

Ozark Pest Control

Pest Control


Knott Home Service and Repair (Plumbing)


Pamper Youself

Hair, Nails, Massage etc....

These are a few places that I go to!

Strandz Hair Studio 3339 SW Gage Blvd   Ask for Amber

Hair Care Etc - 1801 SE 29th St, Ste 2, Topeka, KS 66605 (785) 267-2832 Ask for Christy (She does amazing spiral perms)

Nail World - 1570 SW Wanamaker Ste 200

Kims Toes

Allure Hair Studio  (Gage) - Hair and Makeup - Jerome Garcia

Other places in Topeka you might want to give a try... I asked some of my friends where they get a great massage and they answered: Call for an appointment!!!

Holly Torrez - Altered Image Salon & Spa

Egos Day Spa - 2827 SW Wanamaker Rd  (785) 272-1181

Backs 2 Life Massage



Back to Life Massage 2611 SW 17th St  Ste 101   785-969-7368


Christin at Stillpoint  - 2709 SW 29th St # D  - (785) 228-0055

Daniellson and Associates in North Topeka, ask for Deana  201 NW Hwy 24 Suite 120  273-7500

Backs By Popular Demand Logo for Website

Backs By Popular Demand - (785) 234-1548


Holly Eastman-Brantley @ Total Image Body Salon on 21st and Gage


Banner My Sweet Tooth


Banner Topeka Facebook Pages


Arts & Entertainment


Banner Arts Entertainment Attractions

The Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble

Ad Astra

The Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble would like to encourage education, enlightenment, and entertainment within our audiences by providing thought provoking plays and musicals that ask questions and beg reflection. We would also like to aid our community in providing more exposure to the arts and to financially give back any profits from production to local theatres or charities in order to better the community in which we live.





aMUSEd Gallery, Gifts & Event Space,

SandBlox Indoor Sand Sculpture Park,

The Green House Art Studios & Gallery

115 NW Laurent Street

Topeka, Kansas 66608


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Art Print

Art Print Express


 Fed up with the current political season? Escape with a little satire of Michelle Leivan’s new work “My Selfie, Political Tricksters & People I Know”  inspired by her equal opportunity loathing of politics contrasted with comforting images of friends and family. Guaranteed to be off the wall fun!

Art Print Express is located the south end of Fleming Place at 10th and Gage in Topeka. They feature an awesome local artist every month which is available for viewing during business hours.


 Auburn Community Theatre

Auburn Community Theatre




 3113 SW Huntoon

Tue - Fri: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Sat: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm




2827 SW 29th Street, Topeka, KS 66614

(Brookwood Shopping Center)




 First Friday Art Walk - Arts Connect

First Friday Art Walk

 The ARTSConnect First Friday Artwalk includes nearly 60 galleries that open their doors across the city from 5:30-8:30p on the first Friday of every month of the year. That’s right – all 12 months and all across this fine city, businesses have special art on their walls ready for to come look, visit and BUY!!

Thousands of patrons enjoy going from gallery to gallery seeing the sights, seeing friends, and interacting with a growing and vibrant arts community.

ARTSConnect publishes a printed map 4 times a year to guide artwalkers, which you can find at your favorite gallery. The map is also available in Topeka Magazine and in seveneightfive Magazine.


Helen Hocker Theatre

Helen Hocker


J&J Gallery Bar

J  J Gallery


 Kansas Youth Chorale

Kansas Youth Chorale

The Kansas Youth Chorale (KYC) was founded in 2009. Our first auditions were held the summer of 2010 with the purpose of expanding the experiences of young singers in musical excellence and to be united in the common goal of bringing joy to others through music.

Since the foundings, the children of KYC have had the pleasure of singing with the with the Topeka Festival Singers and Ballet Midwest's 35th Anniversary of "The Nutcracker", at the Kansas Book Fair, PEO Founder's Day and the Stormont Vail Volunteer Luncheon. We were honored to be selected to sing at the 2013 Kansas Music Educators Conference in Wichita. During the 2015/2016 season, the choir sang with the Topeka Symphony and in the first annual Children's Choir Festival/Benefit Concert. Children's choirs from several Kansas cities participated.




It all started with a friend's social media post! After seeing her good friend do a space-saving project for make-up, Pinned's owner was excited to create it herself! She then realized how much sourcing and time it would take to duplicate the project. The frustration she found made her wonder, why isn't there a place I can go that has everything I need to complete these projects!?And with that - Pinned was born!

Topeka/Shawnee County Public Library



 North Topeka Arts District (NOTO)




Paint Therapy Uncorked

 Paint Therapy


 Quincy Street Conference & Event Center




Studio 831

Studio 831


Topeka Art Guild and Gallery


Topeka Art Guild


Topeka Civic Theatre

 topeka civic theatre 98



TCTA Freshman Class


TCTA Laugh Lines

 Laugh Lines improv comedy shows pack the house and perform comedy sketches and games based on audience suggestions.


WTCT radio

Take a trip to yesteryear and enjoy radio favorites, recreated by veteran actors who were thrilled by these stories when they were new!


Topeka Jazz Workshop


Topeka Jazz

  Topeka Jazz Workshop, Inc. is one of the nation’s longest, continuously running jazz concert series, dating from 1969.  As we begin our 48th annual concert series in August of 2016, we invite you to join us as we continue our journey to “keep jazz alive and well through a live jazz concert series and a youth jazz scholarship program”.


 Topeka Symphony Orchestra

 Topeka Symphony

 The mission of the Topeka Symphony Society is to encourage and cultivate appreciation and support for fine music in northeast Kansas by presenting performances of high quality and by providing educational and performance opportunities for youth.


 Topeka Performing Arts Center

TPAC Anniversary Logo


Washburn University


Washburn University

Theatre Productions

Music Department Performances


Brown v. Board of Education

Brown v Board

National Historic Site
1515 SE Monroe St.
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 354-4273
This is a FREE museum that the entire family will enjoy!

Kansas State Capitol Tour Center


300 W. 10th
10th & Jackson
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 296-3966

You really need to stop by and see all the work that they have finally completed!  The Dome View is AMAZING.

Kansas State Capitol - Visitor Center Exhibits
Explore moments in Kansas history while visiting the newly restored State Capitol. The visitor center is open for tours 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. Find information about historic tours. All images and photographs are the property of the Kansas Historical Society unless otherwise noted. Check out more Kansas images on Kansas Memory.

The Kansas State Capitol dome tours are scheduled at 9:15, 10:15, and 11:15 a.m., 12:15, 1:15, 2:15, and 3:15 p.m. Monday through Friday. This spectacular tour is breathtaking—literally—with 296 steps and no elevator. The elaborate architecture is highlighted with close up views of the inner and outer domes. The summit offers a unique perspective of the city of Topeka. Participants who reach the cupola earn bragging rights. Souvenir merchandise is available in the Capitol Store on ground level.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tours last approximately 40 minutes
Cost is free during scheduled times
Maximum group size is 30 Reservations are accepted Walk-up visitors will be accommodated as space is available.

Charles Curtis House

Charles Curtis

1101 SW Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, KS
Tour InformationThe Musuem is open by appointment.  Admission is $5 per person. Children welcome with adult supervision.  Call to make arrangements:   785-357-1371Topeka native, Charles Curtis, was a great-grandson of a Kanza Indian Chief.  Curtis was born January 25, 1860 to Captain and Mrs. Oren Curtis. His mother was of Native American ancestry and when she  died, when Charles was three years of age, Charles was raised by his mother's people on the Kaw Indian Reservation.

Combat Air Museum

Combat Air

602-604 J Street
Topeka, KS 66619-1401
(785) 862-3303

Summer Visiting Hours:   Monday - Saturday   9:00 am - 4:30 pm    No visitors admitted   after 3:30 pm
Sundays & Winter Hrs:  (Dec. 1 - Feb. 28)   Noon - 4:30 pm   No visitors admitted  after 3:30 pm
Admissions Under age 5: Free    Children 5-17 yrs: $4.00   Adults 18 yrs & older $6.00  Active Military in Uniform (or with ID card): $4.00
Combat Air Museum Hangars 602-604   "J" Street   Forbes Field   Topeka, Kansas (785) 862-3303 Fax: (785) 862 - 3304

Constitution Hall

Constitution Hall

Capitol of Kansas, 1863-1869

Constitution Hall was the first Kansas Capitol during construction of the East Wing of the Statehouse five blocks to the south.

Museum of the Kansas National Guard

KS National Guard Museum

6700 Southwest Topeka Boulevard
Topeka, KS 66619-1401
(785) 862-1020

The Museum is open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tues through Sat. Sunday appointments can be scheduled for special groups at (785) 862-1020. The museum is located at 6700 S.W. Topeka Blvd., (the main entrance of Forbes Field)''

Kansas Expo Center


Great Overland Station

Great Overland Station

Great Overland Station
701 N. Kansas Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66608
(785) 232-5533

Permanent Exhibits

Santa Fe Artifacts and Photographs
Union Pacific Artifacts and Photographs
Display of Kansas trains dating back to 1932
History of Topeka from 1800 to present
Display of Harvey Houses and Harvey Girls
Photographs of Topeka Churches
Photographs of Education Buildings
Model G Gauge Train Layout
Photographs Flood of 1951 and 1966 Tornado
Simulator and Baggage Cart

"Friends of the Station"  (I am a member)
Click here for the friends of the station form

Call for Artifacts and Photographs

The Great Overland Station is developing an exhibit focused on significant fires that have occurred in our community. (Some examples may include: downtown fires, fire at UP Station, Grace Cathedral fire, Jayhawk Hotel fire, Topeka High School fire)

If you have artifacts or photographs illustrating this topic that you would be willing to loan for the exhibit, please contact Sarah House at the Great Overland Station. Items for the exhibit will be accepted through April 4, 2015. Artifacts chosen for the exhibit will be on display June-September 2015.

All inquiries and information regarding potential artifacts should be directed to:

Sarah House

Program Manager

Great Overland Station Museum and Education Center

701 North Kansas Avenue

Topeka, KS 66608

Office: (785) 232-5533, ext. 13

Cell: (785) 213-1904

Fax: (785) 232-6259

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9th Annual Railroad Festival

Saturday, July 9th

Holley Museum

Holley Museum

 Holley Museum Military Museum
Downtown Ramada Inn

At the present time the museum features 5 galleries, named after world leaders. The first gallery is the Winston Spencer Churchill Gallery and features artifacts from World War II in England.

Kansas Children's Discovery Center

KS Discovery Ctr


Kansas Museum of History

KS Museum History

Kansas Museum of History
6425 SW Sixth Avenue
Topeka, KS 66615
(785) 272-8681


9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday, 1 - 5 p.m. Sunday


Old Prairie Town

Old Prairie Town

Tours: Monday-Friday: 10am, 12pm, & 2pm,

Saturday: 12pm, & 2pm, Sunday: 2pm,

Adults $5; Seniors $4; Children (6-12) $3; 5 and under Free

Featuring an 1854 replica Log Cabin with Blacksmith Shop, 1870’s Victorian Prairie Mansion on the National Register of Historic Places, and 2½ acres of Botanical Garden, including Anna’s Place, a Victorian Reading Garden and a 240 foot cascading rock rivulet.

To learn more about the history of Old Prairie Town, please click on the following link:

Shawnee County Parks & Recreation

 Parks Rec

John and Mary Ritchie House

Ritchie House

Hours Walk-in Tours are Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 am and 2:00pm. Tours at other times may be scheduled by calling (785)-234-6097.

The Historic Ritchie House and the Cox Communications Heritage Education Center is located at 1116 and 1118 SE Madison Street, Topeka, Kansas. This Underground Railroad historic site originally was owned by early Kansas Territory settlers, John and Mary Jane Ritchie.

The Toy Store

Toy Store


Topeka Public Library

Topeka Public Library

Topeka Zoo




Enjoy a ride on our unique vintage carousel, located west of the Blaisdell Family Aquatic Center.  This grand old carousel was built in 1908 and houses a Wurlitzer style band organ. Bring your lunch and enjoy listening to the music from the band organ, or enjoy the VonRohr Victorian Garden adjacent to the carousel.  Visit the concession stand located at the mini-train depot.

 Now open

Friday & Saturday   10am-4:45pm

Sunday    11am-4:45pm


Relive old Gage Mini Trainmemories and create new memories.  The mini-train has been an integral part of the sights and sounds of Gage Park for more than 45 years.  Follow a mile-long scenic course through the heart of the park, as the engineer enlightens you on the history of Gage Park, and the many attractions that are available for you and your family to enjoy. 

Business Promotions/advertisements

Red Rock Traditionsred rock traditions (fun fact: we are always printed with ALL lower case) is a new social selling company with a simple, yet powerful mission: to strengthen the bonds of families through the sharing in celebration of traditions. We offer ideas, and beautifully designed, interactive product solutions that are a gateway to greater family connections. 

red rock traditions is not even 18 months old yet and our home office is in Leawood, KS!

Check out our NEW catalog !!


Just click here to order:

CALL or TEXT with any questions! 913-707-7371

Jodi Foster

Core Director / Independent Consultant

Founders Club Member 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

call or text 913-707-7371





NOTO - North Topeka Arts District


Stevenson Company, Inc
116 NW Norris St.
Topeka, KS 66608
Stevenson Co

Carmona Comfort Air

805 N. Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 234-3331

View Carmona's Page

Carmona Comfort & Air


 Larry's Glass

813 N Kansas Ave, 
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 232-1737
View Larry's Glass Page
Larry's Glass


816 N. Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 207-2911



820 North Kansas Ave 
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 286-7676

Topeka Community Photo Studio

822-824 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS
(785) 234-7544
Topeka Community Photo Studio

NOTO Burrito/Bunker Coffee

822 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 304-9600
Noto Burrito

A-1 Restaurant Equipment

823 N. Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608
A 1 Restaurant Equip

  Pinkadilly Home Accessories

824 N Kansas Ave, 
Topeka, Kansas 66608
Phone: (785) 232-8148
View Pinkadilly Page

 Topeka Community Photo Studio

822 N Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608

Rusty Haggles Antiques

826 N. Kansas Avenue
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: 785-221-0167 & 785-221-0453
View Rusty Haggles Page
Rusty Haggles

Two Days Monthly Market

829 N. Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608
Ph: 785-249-8415 or 785-250-7931
View Two Days Page
Two Day Market

Norseman Brewing Company

830 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608
Norseman Brewery

Studio 831

831 N Kansas Ave 
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 224-5728
View Studio 831 Page

Studio 831

New Business Coming Soon!

833 N Kansas Ave, 
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785)
New Logo Coming Soon


837 1/2 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66608
Phone: (785)
Coming soon NEW LOGO

4 Girls Garage

837 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 220-4129
View 4 Girls Garage Page

Topeka Carnival Supply

839 N Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608

Stutzman Leather Shoppe

840 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608​
Phone: 785-408-5331
View Stutzman's Page
Ritzy's Closet
824 N Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608
Ritzys Closet

 Bradley's Corner Cafe

844 N Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608

Portico Antiques and Vintage

900 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608

Kaw River Rustics

901 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: 785-207-7858 
or 785-806-3572
View Kaw River Rustics

Matryoshka Tattoo

902 N. Kansas
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: 785.408.1501
View Matryoshka's Page


NOTO Artsplace

905 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608

Amused Gallery & Gifts

907 N Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608


Ace Plumbing

908 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608


Creations of Hope

909 North Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 408-8261

Creations of Hope

Galazy Glass

912 N Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608

J&J Gallery & Event Space

917 N. Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66608
 J J Gallery

Generations Antiques & Collectibles and More 

918 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608
Phone: (785) 220-6776
View Generations Page
The Hive
Get Buzzed with Art
918 N Kanas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608
The Hive in Noto

FaerieTale Gardens

919 North Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608   
Phone: 785-220-1477
FaerieTale Gardens

Warner Electric

921 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66608
Phone: (785) 286-3445
Warner Electric

The Wheel Barrel

925 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66608
Phone: 785-289-6767
The Wheel Barrel's Page
The Wheel Barrel

The Open Window

927 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66608
Phone: 785-430-5067
The Open Window's Page
Open Window

New Businesses

Sideways Bar Grill

Sideways Bar & Grill

555 SW 39th 

Topeka, KS


Baker's Dozen NEW Location

29th and Croco (Thunderbird Square)


The Burger Co.  Coming SOON!!

21st & Western


Platform 785

929 S Kansas Ave Ste A

Topeka, KS 66603


Vintage Clothing from 1900 - 1980's, focusing on 1940-1960! We always offer treats, tea and jazz while you shop. We are right by the little pocket park with the train platform and BNSF train at 10th and Kansas in Topeka


Essentia Salon & Spa

5900 SW Huntoon St. Ste A2

Topeka, KS 66604



Total Fit Body Boot Camp

 5626 SW 29th St

Topeka, KS 



Gun Garage & Shooting Range

2120 NE Meriden Rd, Topeka, KS 66608



Rustic Creations:  A DIY Wood Sign Workshop

   3 hour Workshops:

    Friday - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

   Sat.      -  noon to 3 pm & 5 pm to 8 pm.

   Must go to the website to register 48 hrs in advance

   We also host private parties on other days and times.



Huscarl Hobbies Games

HUSCARL Hobbies and Games

1930 SW Westport Dr Ste2

Topeka, Kansas


4-Hope, Inc



BrianChild Animation & Multimedia

818 NE Kansas Ave

Website coming soon


Deals on Wheels


785-783-2773 or 785-250-4676

2640 NW Topeka Blvd

Deals on Wheels Cropped

Ethan Anna Childrens Boutique

Ethan + Anna Children's

2829 SW 29th St, Topeka, KS



New Life Fountains LLC

Maurice Ansley



Eagle Aerial Solutions LLC


Eagle Aerial Solutions LLC



Brightstar Event Services


After years in the event services industry, BrightStar founder Nick Holmes saw its challenges and wanted to create a different kind of event company. After years of hearing about what’s most important to brides from years of bridal shows and weddings, Nick built BrightStar to focus on what matters most.

  • Service and expertise. We’ve seen hundreds of special events and spoken with even more brides and brides-to-be. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and help you navigate the journey to your special day.
  • The extra mile. Sure, we help execute hundreds of events every year. But we know that every one of them could be someone’s event of a lifetime. We take that responsibility very seriously. That means we do what it takes to nail your event.
  • Great execution. Our team is good at what they do. We guarantee your satisfaction.


Topeka Pizza
Opening January 2018
1630 SW Arvonia
Delivery and Takeout! Topeka Pizza is coming this October, right across from Lowes

Pizzeria Via Family Dining - Coming Soon!

738 SW Gage Blvd


Pizzeria Via Family Dining offers hand crafted and stone baked pizza, salads, grinders, wraps, wings and we also serve a variety of alcoholic beverages.


Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness

1935 S.W. Westport Drive

Coming Soon

Hidden Hill Farms of Kansas

7320 SW Indian Hills Rd

Auburn, KS 66402

COMING in June 2018

Wedding and Event Venue


Locally Owned Topeka Businesses



Afflora White


AJ Pizza


AA Auto Parts 


The Barber Shop


Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger

471 SW 37th St.

Topeka, KS 66611

785-267-BREW (2739)



Blue Moose


bluebird Diner


Brass Rail


Brickyard Antiques 

Brickhouse Antiques

3711 SW Burlingame Rd




Cafe Holliday

 Caffiend Business Card


Charlies Thrift


College Hill Pizza


Confectionary disaster


Cooks American Grill



 Cut Right Lawn Care


Dancing Man Studio

Dancing Man Studio Photography

109 N Kansas Ave Ste #2– Topeka, KS 66603


Photography is about reflecting who you are, at your best. You want to share what's important to you with the whole world, and I can make that happen. The photos you'll treasure your whole life aren't the unnatural poses with faces pointed at the camera. When you look through your memories years later, what you want is something that will bring you right back to how you felt that day. Your fingers brushing across your new husband's face as you gaze up at him, the fire in your eyes the day before your big game, the look that charmed everyone, and the spark that just lights up the room. That's what you need to capture, and for that, you need a photographer that doesn't see you as just another shoot.


Deals on Wheels Cropped


Deans Books

Dean' Books

420 SE 29th St Ste B



Dirty Dog 

The Dirty Dog



Embroidery Plus

1010 N Kansas Ave · Topeka · Directions

(785) 357-4420


Grandpa Ricks Pork

Grandpa Richs Pork


Face Painting by Carla

 Front Door Catering

HD Services


Hidden Treasurers

Providing Supported Employment Opportunities to those living at KNI.

The Plant Shop at KNI is offering Houseplants for sale.  For February we have a variety including Mini Roses.

Store hours are M-F 8am-3pm

E-mail us anytime to place your order.

Call the Plant Shop at 296-5383 or
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Used Book Nook
Topeka’s newest source for gently used books offering low prices starting at 25 cents.

Brian 785.368.7159

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Balloon Extraordinaire

Including specialized baskets

Valentine’s Day Balloon Bouquet 1 message and 3 Heart shaped foil balloons for $13.

Delivery available if ordered before Feb 5.

Every day Standard balloon bouquet  - $7.75
Other options available as well!
There are balloons and baskets available for most all occasions!.
Open Mon.– Fri. 9 AM – 3:30 PM     Call 296-0817 or
contact Stacie at 368-6243 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Delivery available Topeka area, for an additional fee.
Call to place your order.

Oldies But Goodies Thrift Store

Wide selection of glassware, books, clothes, furniture, and holiday decorations.

Left over garage sale items or other donations in gently used condition, can be picked-up.
Donations are tax deductible.
Call Betty at 296-5394
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hot Java Cafe



Our ING Topeka Group meets every other Wednesday. Our groups are free to join, you just have to pay for your own lunch.


 roofing contractor intelligent roofing solutions

Intelligent Roofing Solutions

3615 SW 29th St. Topeka, KS


We are a honest and ethical roofing company. Our customer’s best interest always come first. We specialize in Insurance work.

KB Mudjacking

Our company’s mission is to provide honest reliable service that stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

KB Mudjacking is a local owned and family operated licensed foundation repair and mud jacking contractor. Whatever type of foundation repair, or mud jacking needs you may have, large or small, KB Mudjacking will repair it at the lowest possible cost, immediately recovering your property’s value. There are no tricks up our sleeves or high pressure sales, just good old fashion tried and proven foundation repair methods that have been time tested to fix your foundation, waterproofing, and mud jacking issues.

Don’t let our low prices fool you... we know what it takes to solve your foundation repair, mud jacking, and waterproofing issues without breaking the bank. We have years of experience in this industry combined with state of the art machinery and labor saving techniques that have been developed by us. We approach each job with proper planning in order to reduce or eliminate problems. We get the job done quickly and efficiently. We use top of the line materials and excellent craftsmanship that result in long lasting repairs and exceptional savings to our valued customers.

Delaying repairs will only lead to further damage and increased repair costs. Contact us today, someone from our family will visit you soon to evaluate your issues and provide you with a Free Estimate.  

(785) 246-0799

We proudly service Topeka, Lawrence and surrounding communities.






Le Petite Bon Bon

835 SW Fairlawn Road



Mastery Moving

Packing and Moving in the State of Kansas - Residential and Commercial

For more information about Mastery Moving contact:

Jim Barnes
785-271-7100 (office)
785-633-4904 (cell)

Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm
Free Estimates
Your Moving Expert for 27yrs Same Owner
Residential or Commercial
Specializing in Pianos and Antiques
Packing & Storage facility available.


Meals Life Magic


metrovoicenews logo

Metro Voice Magazine

 Midwest Float

 Midwest Float

Mizu Sushi




NOTO Burrito


822 N Kansas Ave · Topeka · Directions

(785) 232-8300

 Ozark Pest

Ozark Integrated Pest Services of Topeka, KS has been providing reliable pest control services to residential and commercial establishments for more than 30 years. Started in 1978 out of a residence, Ozark has grown into a business with hundreds of satisfied clients.  Well known for reliable service at competitive rates and friendly people, Ozark has 4 technicians with a combined experience of 40+ years and 3 office personnel.  Ozark is a
licensed and insured company serving Topeka, Manhattan / Junction City, Lawrence and the surrounding areas.
Ozark Integrated Pest Services Offers:
•    COMMERCIAL PEST MANAGEMENT – We service all different types of commercial businesses from convenience stores and restaurants to daycare’s and medical facilities. Ozark also offers several different programs for apartment complexes and retirement communities.
•    RESIDENTIAL PEST MANAGEMENT – Our residential programs include monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and one time services. All of our residential services include control for mice and rats as well as treating the exterior of the house.
•    SPECIALTY TREATMENTS – Some insects are not included in our regular programs. Fleas, bed-bugs, termites, and carpenter ants are separate and usually need an estimate.
•    TERMITE INSPECTIONS – We provide termite inspections for real estate sales as well as individual homes or businesses.
•    TERMITE TREATMENTS – We use the Advance Termite Bait System along with Termidor liquid termite chemical for most of our termite customers. We also provide new construction soil pre-treatments to help prevent termites in your new home. Warranties are provided with all types of treatments.


Passow Remodel


Pat Plumber Logo



4010 SW Huntoon



College Hill Pizza Pub


1418 SW Lane St, Topeka, Kansas

 (785) 232-8882





Resale Lady

We are a locally owned estate sale company that services families that are downsizing or there has been an unfortunate passing in the family. We offer services that including organizing and tagging items, setting up for the sale and running the sale. Our fees include everything and we also offer deep cleaning services after the sale.

Check out our Facebook page or website for more info.

Contact Info:

Anje Kearney
The Resale Lady of Topeka
"We do estate and garage sales for you"

785 260 5458

Please visit our website for info we will begin our warehouse sale the 2nd weekend of every month starting in April. In May we will open the warehouse sales to the public to bring items in. Please call us at 785 260 5458 for more info about becoming a consignment client!

As always "We help with Estate sale needs from start to finish"


Ruths Floral


Safe ID Trust 1 Safe ID Trust 2

"if your IDENTITY was stolen tomorrow WHO would you call?

Richard Martinez - Authorized Director

Safe ID Trust

2611 SW 17th ST

Suite 108

College Park Office Suites



Shelly Jensen


Space for Life

 Topeka Health Wellness

Stellas Alternations 


Swims  Sweeps



Topeka Area Grooming Shuttle

TAGS is a locally owned Mobile Pet Grooming Service that services Topeka and the surrounding areas. We can provide your pet quality care that comes with more than a decade of professional grooming experience.  Convenience and quality pet care are our #1 priorities.


The Kanza Cafe


Trails Market & Gallery

109 N Kansas Ave – Topeka, KS 66603

Welcome to the newest gallery in Topeka, Trails Gallery! Your source for Art, Antiques, Crafts and even Studio Rentals! Be part of the artistic community of Topeka and First Friday Events.


Top Dog


The Toy Store



Hours are 7days a week 11am to 9pm We have 8 restaurants right now and adding several more very soon. We have our site as well as our app in the App Store. We are hoping to start a morning delivery service very soon. If restaurants are interested in talking to us about offering a delivery service Phone number is 785-554-5544 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Topeka Blue Print

 channel 25



The Wheel Barrel

The Wheel Barrel

925 N Kansas Ave




Whiz Kid PC Services


WE do computer repairs for hardware and software and charge a flat-rate fee of $69., phone number of (785) 274-9403.

Andres Vega - Owner

Whiz Kid PC Services


Windle's Service's

Windles Services

 Sean Windle

Residential Lawncare and Snow Removal

General Maintenance and Repairs for Residential & Commerical


Wren Radio

Guest Writer..Henry Moore

We love our guest writers!  Welcome Back Henry Moore

logo Henry Moore


 justin lawrence 154064 unsplash

How You Can Deal with Unfortunate Road Travel Situations (or Avoid Them Altogether)

Many of us take road travel for granted. We feel safe and secure inside our automobiles. We expect them to work correctly. We expect them to protect us. And while road travel is pretty uneventful most of the time, millions of people every year must deal with some sort of unfortunate road travel situation. From wrecks and car troubles, to natural disasters and weather-related headaches, here’s how you can avoid being an unhappy traveler. 

What to do if your car breaks down

Nothing can turn a routine road trip into a nightmare faster than car trouble. Anyone who has experienced this knows the signs - the grinding of metal, smoke coming from the hood, sputtering, or the galloping thud of a flat tire. It’s no fun, but it does happen. There is a right way and wrong way to handle it, too. 

First, you should pull over as far as you can on the right shoulder (or the left if you’re on a multi-lane interstate). Don’t get out of the car just yet. Place your emergency call before you do anything else (either to AAA, 911, or a friend). After that, you need to make yourself and your car more visible to other motorists. Turn on your double flashers, pop your hood, and put out safety cones or triangles (which you should always have with you). Get out of your car and stand away from it - not in front of or behind it. You don’t want to be caught up in an all-too-frequent roadside sideswipe. Check out AAA’s great guide to this here

Be prepared

Being prepared is a good motto for almost everything in life, but when it comes to travel trouble it is oh so important. You must have a well-stocked car disaster kit with you whenever you travel. You never know when you could be stranded in your car due to a major weather event or natural disaster, an accident, or due to car trouble. Your kit should, at the very least, include a first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, some food and water, blankets, road flares, a lighter, and a crank radio. HomeAdvisor has a comprehensive kit walkthrough here

So you’ve found yourself in the middle of a storm

Inclement weather can throw a wrench into any trip. Road travelers often find themselves in the middle of thunderstorms, snow storms, or major ice events.

If you encounter severe weather, the smartest thing to do is to turn on your brights and pull off the road. It’s best to get entirely off the roadway, but a shoulder will do if that’s all you have. Once you do this, turn on your flashers and stay in the car until the heavy rain passes.

Driving through snow and ice is a little tricky, but it can be done if you know what you’re doing. Of course, if your car (or your driving skills) can’t handle the conditions, pull over. You should never over-correct a skid and if you feel your car barely sliding on the back end it’s best to take your foot off the gas and brake and try to let it correct itself. Beyond that, you can try steering into the slide, as Business Insider notes. 

Just take a break

As notes, being safe and alert is paramount to avoiding road travel mishaps. And you cannot be alert if you are tired. There’s this driving force behind most travelers to get where they’re going as fast as possible, but sometimes you just need to stop and take a break. Taking a short rest on longer road trips will not only recharge you but will give your car a break as well. 


Being a happy traveler is all about planning, preparation, and knowing what to do in even the most unlikely of scenarios. Make sure you have a car emergency kit at all times - this is the most important aspect of handling road travel mishaps. Beyond that, you should know your limits as a driver. It’s ok to stop and rest or let some bad weather pass. You’ll still get to your destination. There’s nothing so important that it can’t wait 10 minutes. 


Photo by Justin Lawrence on Unsplash


Henry is the co-creator of FitWellTraveler. The site blends two of his favorite subjects (travel and health) to provide readers with information about how to get the most out of both.


Sports & Recreation



The Archery Club

598 SE 97th St, Wakarusa, KS 66546




Capital City Crushers

Capital City Crushers



Golden Giants



Topeka Train Robbers



Heartland Park

Heartland Park Topeka



Ravenwood Lodge

Ravenwood Lodge



 Sunflower State Games

Sunflower State Games


Topeka Roadrunners

Topeka Roadrunners Hockey


Washburn University



Day Trips

Day Trip LogoLiving in Topeka has so many advantages. A great city to raise a family, affordable living, theatre, great restaurants, walking trails, parks, schools, night life, and close to many different cities that can add to your adventures.

Kansas City, Lawrence, Wichita, Manhattan and all the other small surrounding cities add to the quality of life you can have in Topeka!

When someone says, support local, that doesn't mean you have to stay in your city. It means that when you travel, try to find the local tastes and flare.

(FF) = Family Friendly Dining



Dover, KS

Appox 20 minutes


Somerset Cafe

Lawrence, KS

Appox 25 minutes


Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum
Watkins Museum of History
Spencer Museum of Art
Freedom Frontier National Heritage Area
Robert J Dole Institute of Politics
Wakarusa River Valley
Booth Family Hall of Athletics


Lecompton, KS

Approx 30 minutes

Territorial Capital Museum

Wamego, KS

Approx 45 minutes


Wamego Historical Society and Museum
Oz Museum

Bonner Springs, KS

Approx 50 minute drive
National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame


Appox 60 minute drive


Flint Hills Discovery Center
Milford Nature Center  
Widgets Family Fun
Konza Prairie Nature Trail
K-State Insect Zoo 
Sunset Zoo  
Wildwood Outdoor Adventure Park
Kansas State University Plantetarium
Kansas Wheat Innovation Center


Vista Drive Inn (FF)
Varsity Donuts (FF)
KSU Dairy Bar (FF)

The Chef Cafe (FF)


Atchison, KS

Appox 60 minutes

Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum
Atchinson County Historical Society

Emporia, KS

Appox 60 minutes

Johnston Geology Museum
Lyon County History Center
National Teacher's Hall of Fame
Schmidt Museum of Natural History
William Allen White House State Historic Site

Kansas City, KS Area

Approx 60 minutes


Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm Historic Site

Olathe, KS

Kansas City Automotive Museum

Overland Park

Johnson County Museum
Museum at Prairiefire

Shawnee, KS

Shawnee Town 1929
Wonderscope Children's Museum of Kansas City

Leawood, KS

Prairie Fire Museum

Ottawa, KS

Approx 60  minutes

Old Depot Museum


Fort Riley, KS

Approx 60 minutes
Custer House

Leavenworth, KS

Approx 75 minutes
Frontier Army
C.W. Parker Corousel Museum


Abilene KS

Appox 80 minute drive


Eisenhower Presidental Museum & Library


FREE Active Military w/ID & Age 5 and under

Adult $12

Senior (62 & Over), Military (Retired/Disabled), and Student w/ID $9

Ages 6 to 15 $3

Open Daily - Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year's Day

Don't let this attraction fool you. If you enjoy reading, it could take you 4 or 5 hours. There is a 24 minute movie, then a 15 minute tour of his childhood house, self tour of the museum and a quick look at the library.

Heritage Center of Dickinson County

Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad

Greyhound Hall of Fame


For dinner or lunch

Brookville Hotel Family Style Chicken dinner


Closed on Monday

Tuesday 5pm to 8pm (May-Oct)

Wed, Thurs, Fri 5pm to 8pm

Saturday 11:30 am to 8pm

Sunday 11:30 am to 7pm

Menu includes

Relishes, Sweet-Sour Cole-Slaw, Cottage Cheese (Refillable)

One-half Skillet of Fried Chicken

Mashed Potatoes w/ Cream Gravy, Cream-Style Corn, Biscuits with butter and preserves, and ice cream for dessert.


You will want to make a reservation. This experience is not your typical one. You will sit down and they just start bringing out food. You can get as much of the sides as you can eat. This is a great place to just eat, celebrate with family and or friends or a romantic dinner.

Olpie, KS  (Close to Emporia)

Appox 90 minutes


Chicken House

El Dorado, KS

Approx 1 3/4 Hours

Butler County History Center and Kansas Oil Museum

Fort Scott

Approx 2 hours


Gordon Parks Museum
Lowell Milken Center
Fort Scott Trolley Tour

Chanute, KS

Approx 2 hour drive
Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

Lindsborg, KS

Approx 2 Hours
Old Mill Museum

Salina, KS

Appox 2 hours


Rolling Hills Zoo
Smoky Hill Museum
Central Kansas Flywheels Yesteryear Museum

McPherson, KS

Approx 2 Hour Drive
McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation

Pittsburg, Kansas

Appox  2 1/2 Hour Drive


Kansas Crossing Casino
ArtForms Gallery
Veterans Memorial Design



Chicken Annie's Original Fried Chicken (FF)
Mary's Fabulous Chicken & Fish (FF)

Concordia, KS

Approx 2 1/2 Hours
German POW Camp Concordia Museum
By Appointment ONLY

Wichita, KS

Appox 2 1/2 hours


Old Cowtown Museum
Mid-America All-Indian Center
Exploration Place
Museum of World Treasurers
Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum
Kansas Aviation Museum
Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen House
Coleman Museum and Factory Outlet







Concordia, KS

Approx 2 1/4 hour drive

National Orphan Train Complex


Great Bend, KS

Approx 2 2/3 Hours

Barton County Historical Society Museum and Village

Venture out of Kansas

Independence, MO

1 1/2 Hours

Harry S Truman Historical Site/Library
Bingham Waggoner
(April 1 to Oct 31st)
National Frontier Trail Museum
Pioneer Trails Adventure
Leila's Hair Museum
1879 Railroad Depot
Children's Peace Pavilion

Kansas City, MO

60 minutes

Arabia Steamboat Museum
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Arts
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Negros Leagues Baseball Museum
Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun
Kansas City Zoo
National World War II Museum and Memorial
Crown Center
American Jazz Museum
Hallmark Visitors Center
National Museum of Toys and Miniatures
Money Museum
Sea Life Kansas City
Union Station
Science City
Kansas City Fun Tours
Escape Room KC in Union Station
Breakout KC
Science City
Legoland Discovery Center
Aurther Bryants BBQ


More than a day

Baxter Spring

Approx 3 Hours

Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum

Galena, KS

Approx 3 hours

Galena Miling & Historical Museum


Hutchinson, KS

Appox 3 1/2 Hours

Strataca - Salt Mines

Pratt, KS

Approx 3 1/2 Hours

Pratt County Historical Museum

Hillsboro, KS

Approx 3 1/2 Hours

Hillsboro Museums
Pioneer Adobe House, Friesen Dutch Windmill, Kreutziger School House, Schaeffler House


Hays, KS

Appox 4 hours



Oakley, KS

Approx 4 Hours

Fick Fossil and History Museum

Greensburg, KS

Approx 4 Hour Drive
The Big Well

Wallace, KS

Approx 4 3/4 hours

Fort Wallace Museum

Larned, KS

Approx 4 3/4 Hours

Ft Larned National Historic Site

Goodland, KS

Approx 5 Hours

High Plains Museum

Dodge City, KS

Appox 5 1/2 Hours

Boot Hill Museum
Kansas Teacher's Hall of Fame
Gunfighters Wax Museum


Colby, KS

Appox 5 1/2 Hours

The Prairie Museum of Art & History

Liberal, KS

Approx 5 1/2 hour drive

Mid-America Air Museum




American Legion Capital Post 1

(37th St)

Sunday: Bingo    5:45   open to the public
Tuesday Bingo   5:45   open to the public
Wednesday  Texas Holdum  6:30 (members & their guest only)
Friday     Texas Holdum 6 & 9 (members & their guest only)

The following are public events

American Legion Post 400 (Hwy 24)

Monday and Thursday - Doors Open - 5:00 PM / Early Bird - 6:30 PM / Regular Bingo - 7:00 PM


Arab Shrine Temple

1305 S Kansas Ave


Capitol BINGO

2050 SE 30th

(785) 266-5532

Wed: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Fri: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sun: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

These groups donate time and money to the community of Topeka.
Early birds start at 6:30 PM on Wednesday and Friday with regular session starting at 7:00 PM. Early birds start at 6:00 PM on Sunday with regular session starting at 6:30 PM. Pull Tabs and Event Games sold with full concession stand. Doors open at 4:00 PM.


B-I-N-G-O  for Hayden High School

Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at Hayden High School
401 SW Gage, Topeka, KS
Session begins 6:30pm
Minimum of only $7 to play!
Nightly minimum
payout $2,150   to maximum $4,250


VFW Post 1650

3110 SW Huntoon Street, Topeka, KS 66604 



Bring a non-perishable food item for a free speedball bingo sheet






Children 7 years and older welcome with adult

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC     Bring your family and friends to play bingo

Food Kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m.   Courtesy of VFW Auxiliary 


TEL: 785-235-9073



A Financially Fit Life Offers Real Abundance

Desmond Henry

A Financially Fit Life Offers Real Abundance







%POST_TITLE% Thumbnail

Don't Make These 6 Common Tax Mistakes


Odds are you’re getting ready to get your taxes done. And while everybody makes mistakes, doing so on your tax return isn’t the time to make them. Here's 6 of the most common tax mistakes I see and how to avoid them.


Tax Deadline Clock

The IRS estimates that 20% of taxpayers wait until the week before the deadline to file their income tax returns. #Procrastinators 

The problem with waiting until the last minute is if you run into issues completing your forms. Of course, you can always file for an extension (which will give you 6 months or until mid-October). Keep in mind that even if you file an extension, you still must pay any taxes owed by the deadline. If you forget to so, the IRS will charge you interest.

However, procrastinators…I have great news for you again this year. April 15th falls on a Sunday, and because Emancipation Day is celebrated by the IRS on Monday, April 16th, it pushes your due date to Tuesday, April 17th, 2018.



When it comes to filing your taxes, the IRS gives you five options: single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household, and qualifying widow(er).

Make sure you choose the right one that fits your personal situation because it could make a big difference in your ultimate tax bill. That’s because the IRS applies different income tax rates and awards different standard deductions accordingly.




The most common error on tax returns, year after year, is bad math. In 2014, the IRS reported that it caught 2.3 million math errors on 1.7 million tax returns in 2014.

Man with Calculator

This is not surprising given the notoriously tricky formulas on tax forms i.e. “Add line 8 to line 32 and multiply by .356 if your AGI is greater than $50,000.” If you’re a DIYer, save yourself the headache and use tax preparation software that does the calculations for you like TurboTax or TaxAct.

When IRS examiners find a discrepancy, they'll let you know and, in many cases, will correct your mistake and refigure your taxes for you. Don't give them the chance. Make sure your math entries are right.



When it comes to donating to charity, make sure you follow the rules…and there’s lots of them. First off, verify that you’re giving to a qualified 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, the IRS provides a helpful tool to do so.

 👉🏽 Related: 8 Things You Need To Know Before Giving To Charity

If your donation is under $250, the IRS will accept a cancelled check, bank statement, or receipt from the charity as documentation. However, if your donation is over $250, you’ll need written acknowledgment from the charity with specific details that can be found on the IRS website.

Be careful that you aren’t exaggerating the fair market value on donated clothing and household items. Keep in mind that tax law requires these items to be in good or better condition or the deduction is disallowed.



So, you bought a few shares of your favorite stock, and then you decide to sell it at a loss. Typically, you can deduct that loss against any other capital gains you made that year to lower your tax liability. But if you decided to buy more shares of that same stock 30 days after selling (or 30 days before selling), then the first sale is disregarded. It’s like you never sold the stock in the first place, and you won’t get the tax benefit. Working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (hey, that’s me) or your CPA can help provide guidance and prevent these issues.



I'm going to make the assumption that you aren't trying to purposefully defraud the IRS here. Let's face it, we're all human and mistakes do occasionally happen. That might include forgetting about an investment account that paid dividends or interest on a 1099-INT or 1099-DIV or a side job as an consultant where you received a 1099-MISC. Sometimes, the tax documents just don't make it into the hands of the tax preparer due to getting loss in the clutter on your desk or they were mailed to an old address.

Whatever the case, this is why it's so important to make sure you have all your tax documents before you begin. Think through all your income sources for the tax year and make sure you have a 1099 or W-2 for it. 

Failing to report income on your tax return could subject you to penalties and interest depending on when your oversight is discovered on the unreported earnings. If you notice the error before the IRS does, it's best to file an amendment using Form 1040X. Don't wait until the IRS contacts you. 

Keith the Critic

Keith VansickleKeith the Critic 







black panther quad poster

Black Panther

In this latest Marvel film, Chadwick Boseman plays T'Challa who has been raised his whole life in preparation of becoming king of the African nation of Wakanda. To the world, Wakanda is a poor country but in reality, the five tribes that make up the country are very rich and advanced in the world of technology. Wakanda possesses vibranium, which is a powerful metal that when ingested can give a warrior superhuman powers.
The country has spies all across the world. One such spy is T'Challa's uncle N'Jobu. When T'Challa's father goes to visit, he discovers that his brother has plans that will reveal the country's secrets and has him killed. However, few people know this story.

Years later, T'Challa's father is killed and now he will become king. First he must fight any challengers from the other tribes. M'Baku from the Jabari tribe challenges but is soon defeated. T'Challa allows him to surrender rather than meet his death. This, however, is only the first challenge that he will face to defend his country's secrets, especially since his Uncle N'Jobu had a son that knows the truth of how N'Jobu died.

I saw this movie in 3D and it's probably one of the best 3D films I've seen. It was spectacular. The special effects were so tremendous. The acting was top-notch, especially the action scenes. Ryan Coogler was the director and directed a fantastic film. The scenes, the script, the acting, photography, sound, and everything else was just amazing. I highly recommend this for anyone 10 and older. I give it a perfect 4 out of 4 stars. I can't wait for the next installment. Stay til the end of the credits as usual in a Marvel film.


Molly's Game

hou art 20171229 mollysgame headerMolly Bloom, who is played by Jessica Chastain, is a fantastic skier participating in the Olympics. Her father, played by Kevin Costner, is always pushing for more from her. After a horrific accident on the slopes, she plans to attend law school. First she decides to live a little and moves to Los Angeles. She takes a job working as an assistant for a real estate developer who enlists her to assist him in running an underground poker game that caters to the rich for high stakes. Soon Molly has learned enough to head out on her own. When she is talked into collecting a portion of the winnings for herself, she is indicted.

Molly, who is now broke, begs the assistance of lawyer Charlie Jaffey, who is played by Idris Elba, to defend her. Soon she realizes what they are really after is the names of those who played at her table. But Molly feels that giving up those names will ruin her reputation and her integrity.

Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba were terrific and had good chemistry together. Director Aaron Sorkin also brilliantly wrote the screenplay and did an excellent job of pulling out the emotions of Molly. I love how Jessica Chastain continues to play the role of a strong female character and nails the part. Idris Elba who is great at everything he does didn't disappoint nor did Kevin Costner.

It's a 2 1/2 hour movie but the time flew by. I can't believe it didn't receive more Oscar nominations. I gave it 4 out of 4 stars.


12 Strong

12 StrongThis movie is based on the true story of the horse soldiers who went to Afghanistan to take back a Taliban stronghold. In the film adaptation, Chris Hemsworth plays Captain Mitch Nelson who had plans of taking a desk job and spending more time with his family. But after 9/11 he changed his mind. He returns to lead his squad of 12 in an operation to remove the Taliban from the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif. The team includes soldiers who, like Mitch, want to avenge the losses of 9/11 with Michael Pena and Michael Shannon playing the roles of two of these brave men.

Upon arrival, Mitch is informed by the Commanders, one being played by Rob Riggle, that they must go in on horseback due to the rugged landscape and they must work with warlord General Dostum, played by Navid Negahban. This is not what these men had expected, but they are all up for the task.

This movie was a good portrayal of this mission. The director, Nicolai Fuglsig, did a great job as did producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Christ Hemsworth proved that he can act and did a fantastic job as did Michael Pena ad Michael Shannon. Much of this was filmed in New Mexico and you could really believe that it was Afghanistan. The photography was excellent. I gave this movie 3 out of 4 stars.



Winchester is about the house owned by Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun manufacturer William Winchester in San Jose, California. After William's death, Sarah, who is played by Helen Mirren, begins to build a mansion. But feelingWinchester haunted by those who have been killed by one of her company's guns, she keeps shutting off rooms and building more onto the house. Due to this, she is said to be mentally unstable. The Winchester Company's leaders hire Dr. Eric Price, who is played by Jason Clarke, to assess her competency.

Sarah lives in the house with a relative named Marian, played by Sarah Snook, and her son Henry, who is played by Finn Scicluna-O'Prey. Jason is recovering from his own wife's suicide and has become addicted to drugs. When he first begins to see ghosts, he believes it to be a result of the drugs. But when Henry seemingly becomes possessed, Jason must help Sarah stop these haunted souls.

The real Winchester house is a conglomeration of added wings of the house. But other than this, most of the story is made up according to articles I have read about the house. The filmmakers tip the scales on what is true and what is fiction.

Helen Mirren is a great actress and performed fabulously, but other than a few gotchas, it's really not a scary movie. I can only give this movie 1 out of 4 stars and that's totally due to Helen Mirren. This is not a good horror film.


Bad Movies Have are the bad movies of 2017!

1. Split

2. The Book of Henry

3. Mother

4. Kidnap

5. Tranformers: The Last Knight

6. The House

7. The Bye Bye Man

8. Life

9. Valerian

10. Ghost in the Shell

11. 47 Meters Down

12. Flatliners

13. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

14. Friend Request

15. Table 19

16. Unforgttable

17. The Mummy

18. Wish Upon

19. Rough Night

20. Murder of the Orient Express All Star Team

I would like to introduce you to my 2017 All Star Team

My team is made up of amazing people who live and work in Topeka! They are sure to add some fun and knoweledge to The Topeka Newsletter!


Desmond Henry Desmond Henry - Afflora Financial Life Planning

A Financially Fit Life Offers Real Abundance

Desmond Henry is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™& founder of Afflora Financial Life Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm in Topeka, Kansas that specializes in working with women, retirees, & clients in their 20s & 30s. Desmond has been quoted in U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! News, TK Business Magazine, & recognized as one of Topeka’s ‘Top 20 Under 40 Business Leaders’.



 annette hope billings new Annette Billings - Author/Writer

"In a Flash" - By Annette Hope Billings

Annette Hope Billings is a Topeka ArtsConnect Arty award-winning poet dubbed by her fans as "Maya of the Midwest." Her body of work includes poetry, short stories and plays. A nurse for decades before becoming a full-time writer, her deep penchant for caring comes through clearly in her writing. Her previous books include "A Net Full of Hope" (2015) and her recently published, "Descants for a Daughter." Her work has also been included in several anthologies of poetry and short stories. Website: @annettebilling3Amazon:





 Robin Bonsall

Robin Bonsall - Realtor/Actor/Wife/Mom

Neighborhood News: REALTOR® Robin style

About Realtor Robin

Robin is a born and raised Topekan who, as a youth, always thought she'd go far, far away from Kansas.  As an adult, Robin has discovered so many wonderful things about this community that make her proud to be rooted in Topeka. :)  Ever the performer, Robin spends a fair amount of "free time" volunteering on-stage, backstage, and in other capacities with Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy and with the Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble, a budding grassroots theatre company in the area.  When theatre isn't consuming her free time, Robin enjoys family bike rides, pretending to garden, singing lullabies to her babe, doing laundry (does one really enjoy this?) and supporting her husband in his hobby: UAV & Drone building!  There is never a dull moment in the Bonsall household. :)

Robin and her husband, Graham, have been blissfully married since August of 2009.  In 2013, they successfully brought a tiny human into the world. He has been terrorizing the family chihuahua, Joplin, and changing Robin & Graham's view of "the world" ever since.


Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz - President Tinkham Veale Creative and Founding Partner - Schultz Management, LLC

Being an Entrepreneur

Chris was born and raised in Topeka.  He is a graduate of Shawnee Heights High School and he attended Washburn University where he earned his B.A. in Theatre. In May of 2002, he opened Field Of Greens restaurant in Downtown Topeka. It wasn’t long before his family started getting even more involved in the company, which was the catalyst that grew his dream to include the opening of The Break Room and The Gourmet Cabaret Theater. Chris and his family were recently honored by Topeka Civic Theatre when they were presented with the prestigious Waldo B. Heywood award. In 2011, The Jayhawk Area Council of the Boy Scouts named Chris as one of the 20 Under 40 business leaders in Topeka. Chris is the creator of GabLocal.TV and serves as the President & Executive Producer of its parent company, Tinkham Veale Creative.


Chelsea Howe

Chelsea Ellis - Graphic Designer/Artist

Ampathetic Wannabe

Chelsea Howe is an award winning comic strip artist whose work has been published on a collegiate level. Her work has earned her first place in comics in 2013, second for online comic content in 2014, first place in illustrations in 2015, and second in infographics in 2016 at the Kansas Collegiate Media Conference. She was also the 150th Washburn University Yearbook editor-in-chief which took silver at state in 2016 and also won her the Most Outstanding Student Media Award for her hard work and dedication during Washburn's 2015 Mass Media Banquet. Her graphic design talents know no bounds, from designing play/musical posters and programs for well known local establishments, a jazz concert series and an award winning director, to the posters advertising local Topeka fundraisers, such as the 2014 Downtown Adventure Race Topeka. Her vast versatility extends to privately commissioned local business logos, short notice clip art and page layout for the award winning Washburn Review and Bod Magazine, and graphic assets for the local TV show Talk About Topeka. Her work has also been featured in juried shows at the Mulvane Art Museum.

In 2016, for the beginning of TPACs 25th Anniversary season, she won their public logo competition amongst all other entries and is excited to see all the new shows with her reward of season tickets.

When she's not working on graphic work she can be found exercising, sewing, foam armor crafting, playing Destiny, or catching up on her shows on Netflix.


Kristi Pankratz

Kristi Pankratz - Safe Streets

Cathing Up With Kristi

Kristi Pankratz is the Director of Safe Streets and Prevention Services at Prevention and Recovery Services (PARS) in Topeka. Safe Streets is dedicated to creating a healthier community by addressing crime through prevention education and citizen empowerment. Programs include Neighborhood Watch and National Night Out, among others. Kristi is an experienced public relations administrator who has served the Topeka community in public service roles for the past 15 years. She has a background in public safety, public health and prevention. Prior positions she has held include: spokesperson for the Topeka Police Department, Communications Director for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Community Prevention Specialist for PARS. She is a Topeka native and graduate of Washburn Rural High School, Tabor College in Hillsboro, KS and Washburn University.



Anthony CayAnthony Cay

Owner: Total Fitness Body Zone

Organized Chaos VS Fitness Confusion

I’d like to say I fell into this business, but the reality is this business called me.
I worked at a local gym here in town as a personal trainer in 2011.
I really enjoyed the training aspect of my job and working with people. I just didn’t appreciate how the company mistreated their clients. The lack of listening of clients need and wants. I chose to provide a service that clientele would be able to benefit from physically and still be economically feasible. In August of 2011 Total Fitness Body was born.
The purpose of this company is to promote healthy lifestyles and provide fitness training and nutritional education to all age groups and all fitness levels including beginner, advanced, and or professional. Our focus is on safety first and always. Provide first class training and face to face customer service, the attention to these details have set this company apart from all the rest.

I am a current Sergeant and Combat Medic in the United States Army. I have been an EMT for 11 years and a Certified Personal trainer for 6yrs. I have played all physical sports and have received advanced training in all of them. Some of the sports would include football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, softball, track wrestling and Jiu-jitsu just to name a few.  

So while I will definitely kick your butt with a great workout, I will always keep your safety as my number one priority.  
Weight loss and strength conditioning
Post rehab transitional therapy
Body building
Sport Specific Athletic Training


Tricia Peterson


Tricia Peterson

Experience Restaurants with Tricia

Tricia Peterson is a Kansas native and Washburn University graduate who loves living in Topeka. At Washburn she studied Mass Media and from there began her local food review blog, Tasting Topeka. She grew up north of Topeka in the small town of Mayetta where she graduated from Royal Valley.  Now she owns a small catering company, 2 Chefs Catering and runs her blog from home. Tricia enjoys reading fiction, studying history, going to see live music and writing about food and entertainment.




Barbara Waterman Peters

Barbara Waterman-Peters

The View From my NOTO Studio

Local Artist, Owner: Studio 831 (NOTO)

Barbara Waterman-Peters Barbara Waterman-Peters, (BFA, Washburn University, MFA, Kansas State University, Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, Washburn University) whose award-winning work is in museum, corporate and private collections, is represented by several galleries. She was a founding member of the Collective Art Gallery (1987-2014) and is a charter member of Circle of 7.  She has shown regionally, nationally and internationally in over 250 solo, invitational and juried exhibitions.  
Waterman-Peters taught at Washburn and Kansas State Universities as well as Lassen Community College in California.  Currently, she writes about art and artists for TOPEKA, LAWRENCE and KANSAS! Magazines. She also writes an “Artist of the Month” online for TOPEKA Magazine.
She has received a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement from the State of Kansas and the Monroe Award from the Washburn University Alumni Association. In 2011 she was awarded the ARTY for Distinguished Visual Artist from ARTSConnect in Topeka.
For many years, Waterman-Peters has been the staff artist for the Andrew and Georgia Neese Gray Theater at Washburn University.
She served on the Quality of Life team for Heartland Visioning part of which then became the original NOTO Board.  In addition, she served as co-chair of the CREATe group, another facet of HV. In 2010 she became the first Core Artist in NOTO, founding STUDIO 831.

Keith Vansickle


Keith Van Sickle

Keith the Critic


I began my career as a film critic nearly 25 years ago, inspired by my first viewing of Star Wars in 1977 at the old Sunset Drive in Lawrence, KS. I continue to wonder how Annie Hall beat Star Wars for best picture that year and demand a re-count!

I got into radio by giving reviews on WIBW radio in Topeka. Later came here to Country Legends 106.9 as not only a film critic, but also Promotions Director and the Morning Show Producer.

Joining forces with Randy Guzman, we created the television show “The Aisle Seat”. The show was very successful and aired on KTWU. We not only discussed movies but also local entertainment and held celebrity interviews. Some of the biggest names I got to interview were: Tom Cruise, Billy Bob Thorton, Will Farrell, and Dakota Fanning.

I’m a certified Batman fanatic, die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, and a true blue KU Jayhawk supporter! In 2005 I started creating the “Slash & Bash Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival” with movie screenings and special guest appearances.

I suffered a series of strokes in February 2010 and a lingering viral infection that landed me in the hospital and several weeks in intensive care, almost costing me my life. After months of recovery at Kansas Rehabilitation Hospital, I regained my ability to speak and write.

West Post

I heard on Saturday of the passing of Adam West. His Batman has been my favorite character all of my life. I got to interview him for Country Legends 106.9 and it was one of the highlights of my career. It was a pleasure and he was kind, down to Earth, and an unequaled family man. He knew of the impact of his work on society and never let his fans down. He will be sorely missed. Thanks Adam for all of the pleasure you have brought to the world.

I will add my stars to the page, as I meet with them! Check back to see who will be helping make this newsletter come alive!






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Tricia Peterson


Tricia Peterson

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I’ve been in England for about three weeks visiting my sister, waiting on her to have her first baby. Her due date was last week but they had to schedule an induction for this week because the baby is being stubborn. In that time, though, my sister and I have been able to take a couple adventures together.

My sister lives in Mildenhall which is a small parish town in Suffolk, England. In town there are cafes, groceries, a butcher, hair salons and much more, including the bus station. For £20 you can get a round trip ticket to many neat little towns where there is always something to do Cambridge there’s the University and shopping and Norwich there’s a castle and even more shopping. If they know how to do anything here it’s create an awesome shopping mall. The malls I’ve seen are both indoor and out, with so many shops you couldn't possibly enter them all in one day, you’d need like two weeks. It’s a good thing I’m here for awhile so I can really explore.

England 2  England 2  England 2  England 12  England 12

Mildenhall is small and there isn’t much shopping but I found a sweet little cafe called Webbs Sandwich Bar and I’ve been there so many times I couldn’t count. The lattes and their fresh daily soup is always to die for. They announce their soup flavors early each morning on their Facebook and I’m usually checking as I’m waking up to see what will be concocted today. The first time I went it was a chicken curry and chickpea soup and today, I looked, it’s a Stilton, bacon and chicken soup.  Their menu also has paninis, sandwiches, desserts and salads. I’ve tried a few sandwiches and they’re always good. I love the granary bread in this country, it doesn’t affect my stomach like the processed bread at home.

England 4Not only is Webbs a great place to check out, there’s another breakfast cafe around the town square called Crumbs Cafe and Food Bar. I got the English breakfast, which typically includes basted eggs, (you can order them scrambled but most places either do basted or scrambled and they’re usually pretty runny all the places I’ve been), bacon and/or sausage, tomatoes and/or mushrooms, beans and toast. The beans aren’t what you would be used to in the states when you get barbecue baked beans, but the consistency is the same. The flavor is sweeter but not smoky or barbecuey, but they’re good. The bacon is different here, too. It’s thicker cut and has extra meat on the strip as they don’t cut our the extra fat or the piece of meat that’s known as Canadian bacon in the states. That piece of meat is from the loin, or the back of the pig, whereas American bacon leaves that part out. I’m not sure if they cure it or not, but it doesn’t get that crispy texture, it’s more like ham texture. The flavor is always good, I enjoy it. Not too salty but still smoky. If you want to learn more, I found this Buzzfeed article explaining it, if not a little biasly, but I agree so check it out HERE.

Angels Cafe is pretty good, too and while you can get an English breakfast there, I think they’re more popular for their humongous burritos, though. I haven’t gotten a burrito because they’re not my England 5thing, but my sister and her friends always get them and usually can’t eat the entire thing. It’s usually good for two meals. They have breakfast burritos as well as lunch/dinner ones. It was the first place I went for an English breakfast, so that’s where I experimented with those. I’m sure that once my husband joins me I will give one a try. He’s way more into burritos than me.

One of the things I found interesting about where I am in England is that you have to buy the jelly or jam if you want it for your toast. It usually comes in little glass jars that would be useful for 2-3 visits and the price is usually not bad, like 80 pence or so which is like $1.15. Usually in the states jelly, jam and honey are just given away with each meal, but not here.

I’ve drank more coffee since I’ve been in England than I have in the past year and that’s because the coffee here is amazing. Usually, coffee at home tastes much stronger and makes my stomach upset. Here I can drink three lattes with no affect other than a huge boost of energy. I see a Starbucks on every other corner but wouldn’t be caught dead in one because why would you want that crap if you have so many other options? I was surprised to see so many Starbucks here, as well as KFC and McDonalds.

My sister and her friends have taken me to Cambridge a couple of times as that is where they usually go on their outings when they go shopping or to see a movie. They usually go to the Grafton Centre which is an indoor/outdoor mall within walking distance of the University of Cambridge. The first time we went, we decided to walk around the universities and take pictures and just kind of see what it was about because I’ve heard about it, just never actually saw it. Now I have and I must say I enjoyed it a lot. The architecture is by far my favorite part because you can just see the history in the bricks. Walking around all these cities the buildings speak for themselves. There is a lot of new growth and buildings being built but then there are centuries old buildings standing right next to the new apartments and shops.

England 6          England 6         England 6      England 10          England 10 


England 6After checking out Cambridge a few times, I was ready for something new. I planned on getting a bus ticket from Mildenhall to Norwich, a town closer to the coast, an hour Northeast of where I am. There wasn’t anything in particular I chose it for, other than the castle and cathedral there. I tried to find a city that I could take a bus, walk around for a few hours and not have to worry about any other transportation because I didn’t really want to spend my money on that. Turns our Norwich was the perfect place.

My sister ended up joining me on my first trip to Norwich, so I didn’t end up needing to get a bus ticket, which would have only been £22 round trip with flexible ticket times. Usually, when riding the bus here they have an option for flexible scheduling in case you miss your bus or need to change it. I didn’t even need to use it, so that was a plus. I greatly enjoyed Norwich and ended up bringing my husband with me once he got to the UK. That day was a disaster!

The week my husband got here, the Beast From The East decided to slow us down. That’s what the locals were calling the biggest snowstorm to hit the UK since like six years ago. Coming from Kansas, 4 inches of snow isn’t a big deal but over here it’s almost unheard of and there really isn’t a protocol for that sort of thing, either. We left in the morning around 11 and it 

England 7

took us until 2 p.m. to get there when it should have only been an hour drive because people we abandoning their cars and driving like maniacs, and not in a good, fast way but in a slow, annoying way. After braving the highways, (where, yes we drove on the left), we finally got to Norwich and everything was closed. Including the castle we came to see. The cathedral was open, but not the cafe or any of the tourist attractions, just the actual cathedral, which was still pretty cool with the stained glass windows and high ceilings. I was glad we could at least do that while we were there because I knew we couldn’t come back.

We walked around the town a little bit, but like I said, everything was closed and the streets were empty. The first time I had gone to Norwich it was packed and traffic was busy but this time it was like a ghost town. So much so that when I was looking for a parking garage I ended up reverting back to driving on the right and went the wrong way down a couple streets before realizing I was supposed to be on the left and was looking at the back of a stoplight. It was scary but also hilarious. I’m sure if there had been cars driving around I would not have done that, but with nobody around I also just didn’t know where I was going.

England 14Our trip to Norwich was an interesting one although maybe a little disappointing. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the area. The castle is small but there are art galleries inside and they’re working on renovating the basement so maybe when I come back I will get to see it. There are also gardens around the castle on the top of the hill where you can see the entire city. The day we went with all the snow was cool because so many locals were there making snowmen and snow forts and having snowball fights. They don’t get this and they were taking advantage of it while they could. The snow was melted after two days, too.

The next week was much better when we visited London, Paris and Amsterdam. The weather was still a little chilly but there was no snow. That story will have to wait for next month, though. So, come back to hear more about my European trip, next month. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about my travels please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


2018 Elections

If you are not already registerd to vote, make sure you get registered so you have a voice. Dates can be found on the below website

Primary August 7th  Must be registered by:

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2nd Congressional District,_2018

Steve Watkins Officially Announces Candidacy for Kansas' 2nd Congressional District Seat Wants to Bring Conservative Kansas Values & Army Leadership to Politicians in Washington

Topeka, KS- Today, Steve Watkins is officially announcing his candidacy for Kansas' 2nd Congressional District seat.

“New people and ideas are needed to restore respectability and integrity to public service, as well as solve the complex domestic and international problems of tomorrow,” said Steve Watkins.


A sixth generation Kansan, Steve Watkins learned his values from his parents. His father, an Air Force veteran and well-respected doctor, and mother, a retired public school teacher, instilled values of hard work, service to country, and integrity at a young age. Steve Watkins served his country heroically in war out of a sense of duty. He fought fraud, waste, and abuse as a defense department contractor and would fight for Kansans in Congress. Steve believes in smaller government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and ending illegal immigration. A patriotic leader with strong family ties and faith, Steve believes peace comes from military strength and a secure border.

Steve studied engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point and has master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard.

“Great leaders fight. I’ve spent my career fighting for America, but great leaders also bring people together. That’s what I did in Iraq and Afghanistan—and I will do it in Washington,” said Steve Watkins.

Steve Watkins is not a politician or lawyer. Steve is an entrepreneur, conservative problem-solver, leader, family-man, and patriot.

Steve Watkins added: “My campaign slogan is 'Kansans Can Do Anything.' A unifying message that also pushes back against the so-called 'New England liberal elites' who see Kansas as nothing more than a ‘flyover-state.’ I’m proud to be a Kansan and I hope to make everyone proud as their Congressman — I won’t let you down.”





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