How to get your business listed on our website

We are excited to bring a new feel to

Our format is a little different.  Currently we are having any business who would like to be listed on our website complete an enrollment form. 

Our current reach is over 9000 people through email and social media.  We will be working with other businesses to increase our reach. 

Our main goal is to give Topeka/Shawnee County businesses a place to be recognized. 

Click on the link below to complete your registration form to get your business listed.

Cost is only $65 (Annual fee)  for the first category and discounts for mutliple categories.

We are here to help our community grow and be even more awesome!  We have been working with locally owned businesses since 2005 and are proud to continue the tradition.

The Creatively Bold Enterprises team says Thank you for helping us help the Topeka community be awesome!


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Pricing starts at $65/year

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