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knockerball slide 14Knockerball

What is Knockerball? —-Bashing Fun

The BALL — A Knockerball is an inflatable sphere weighing about 15 lbs with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. KnockerBall™ is actually a US patented highly improved version of the historic “bubble ball” that you can buy direct from China.

The GAME — KnockerBall™ is wacky contact play which is unmatched by other organized games out there. Think of it as part soccer, part football, part pinball, a great workout and oodles of FUN! We can accommodate all ages** and we even have a list of games if soccer isn’t your interest. (See games listed below.)

Jay Rouge Fine Sporting


598 SE 97th St, Wakarusa, KS 66546

Questions? Call Jody Storman (Club President) at 785-224-6255

Captital City Crushers

Golden Giants

Heartland Park

Ravenwood Lodge

Sunflower State Games

 Sunflower State Games


 Topeka Pilots Hockey

 Washburn University

 Pedego Topeka



2828 SW Arrowhead Rd

Golf Courses

Berkshire Golf Club - Greatlife

3720 SW 45th St

(785) 267-7888

Prairie View Country Club

9840 SW 45th St

(785) 478-9733


Greatlife at Western Hills

8533 SW 21st St

(785) 478-4000


Greatlife at Shawnee County Country Club

913 SE 29th St

(785) 233-5544


Cypress Ridge Golf Course

2533 SW Urish Rd



GreatLIFE at Safari

7523 SW 21st St



Topeka Country Club


Lake Shawnee Golf Course

Forbes Golf Course

Firekeeper Golf Course

Village Greens

Lake Perry Golf



Tennis Courts


Swimming Pools




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